Upcoming Conferences

Type-A Mastermind Summit Philadelphia
200.00 USD

Type-A Parent Mastermind Summit Philadelphia

July 20-22

Intensive and Intimate

Collaborative Business Planning

Attendance Cap of 30

Propel Your Business

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Type-A East 2017 in DC/Alexandria
350.00 USD

Type-A East 2017 in Old Town Alexandria

October 5-7

Biggest Type-A of the Year

Expo Hall

Attendance Cap of 500

Networking and Parties

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Type-A Mastermind Summit in San Diego
150.00 USD

San Diego at night

November 9-11

Intensive and Intimate

Collaborative Business Planning

Attendance Cap of 20

Propel Your Business

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Type-A Parent FAQ

Everything you always wanted to know about Type-A but probably asked by tagging us on Facebook or something annoying like that

What is Type-A Parent?

Type-A Parent is the world’s top conference and network for moms and dads who blog. Our focus is the business of blogging. We do NOT blog or run conferences about parenting. Yes, please go back to that last sentence and reread it. No? Let us repeat. We do NOT write about parenting. We are a group of kick ass bloggers who happen to be parents.

Are you interested in publishing my post about tips for parenting toddlers?

We have loads of respect for parents of toddlers. We bet you have some amazing, life changing tips. But, as we said above, we don’t write about parenting. We have some excellent bloggers in our network that do write about parenting, so join our Facebook group and find someone great who is looking for guest posts or contact us to get a quote for one of our A-LIST influencer marketing campaigns.

Do you have to be Type-A to join in?

We love all people. You can be Type-A, Type-B or Type-Z. Leave the Type-A tendencies to us, relax and enjoy our events.

Do you accept new bloggers?

We love new bloggers! Some of us have been around for … ahem… a while and we love helping new bloggers and getting your fresh perspective. Whether you are blogging for 1 month or 10 years, there is a place for you at Type-A. Now come here, let’s hug it out.

So tell us about these conferences.

We are so happy you asked. Type-A Parent organizes business conferences for bloggers, from veterans to newbies. Our sessions are designed to help our attendees bring their businesses to the next level by focusing on the important issues and topics that face bloggers in today’s market. We also construct an environment that maximizes the amount of time our attendees can network with our sponsors by allowing ample time in our Expo and specially sponsored events. And after the learning and networking is done? We party like it’s 1999.

Can I sponsor your conferences?

We love our sponsors more than milkshakes. Without our sponsors, our events would not be nearly as awesome as they are. We offer many different sponsorship options from a booth at our Expo to a sponsored snack break or a table at our gift guide. For more information, please contact our Director of Operations, Jamie Lieberman at jamie@typeaparent.com.

Who do I contact with questions about life, the universe and everything?

Your best bet is to a href=”http://typeaparent.com/contact”>use our handy dandy contact form.

What is the best way to reach you?

“>Our contact form is the best way to KIT. Snail mail and presents are also accepted. One way to give us the sadz? Sending us a message through Facebook messenger. Most of us have turned it off and do not check it. Another way to get on our laminated list? Tagging us on Facebook. That never makes anyone feel good. Send the email, give us a few days to respond and we promise to help you. Pinky swear.