2012 Presidential Election Edition of Talk of the Parent Blogosphere via http://typeaparent.comYou’d have to be living under a rock in a far flung country without television access not to know about the 2012 American presidential elections, which took place Tuesday, November 6th. It’s clear bloggers around the world were watching and reacting all around the blogosphere and with so many different amendments on the ballot across the nation, there’s no lack of good reading this morning. I’ve been blogging for two presidential election seasons, and one thing I noticed as resoundingly clear this year was the importance parent bloggers (and parents everywhere) placed on voting as a family, as is pointed out at Military Money Chica.  This was Danielle’s first election as an American citizen and as she shared her beautiful and unique voting story, I was reminded of just how lucky we are to have this opportunity to elect the leaders of our country. There are many who do not have the chance.

I’m sure you remember Hurricane Sandy. Well, she didn’t just destroy homes and lives of citizens across New York and New Jersey. The subsequent displacement of citizens and the individuals who have traveled away from home to help with Sandy clean up were faced with trying to figure out how to cast their votes, many of whom include military officers. Army Wives Lives had some excellent voting advice for these officers to make sure their voices are heard during the next election whatever the circumstances.

Reactions to the news of President Obama’s reelection also caused bloggers from across the political spectrum to hit their keyboards in an effort to express their delight in four more years or their honest look at an election lost. It is during this time of post election reflection that people around the world are also talking about the fractured state of our country, which was so evident online in the hours following the elections.  Julie from Julieverse reminded people on both sides of the political fence to remember to respect this great country that inspires so much passion no matter who the president is now. It is my own hope that in the months that follow we come together as a nation of Americans, rather than people divided by party lines – that we band together to bring about real progress and real change.

Here are a few other posts I found interesting this week:

  • As a work-at-home mom, one of the issues I struggle with most is time management.  It seems like there is always something that needs to be done and there just isn’t ever enough time to get it all done.  Thankfully, April Daniels has some excellent time management advice for mom or dad entreprenuers that will help even the most disorganized remote worker become productive.
  • Are you like Kim Tracy Prince and often forget about the money you have in your Paypal account?  If so, Kim has a great idea for putting those found dollars (as I call them) to a good use – donate them!
  • With the holidays beginning in just three short weeks, now is the time to start stocking up on fun craft ideas to keep the children occupied while they’re home from school.  This toilet paper tube turkey from The Mod Mommy is a great preschool or even kindergarten craft that will help you repurpose some of your trash while keeping your small people content.
  • Much to the combined happiness of Pinterest users everywhere, Pinterest announced this week that they would start offering the ability to make boards private, opening up a new realm of possibilities – both personal and professional.  Design Mom has shared an inside look at how she plans to use her private boards and offers a good idea for professionals who are using Pinterest regularly.
  • It’s no secret teachers love homemade gifts, I mean…who doesn’t? Give the gift that lets them keep their coffee warm during the upcoming cold months with these adorable knitted coffee cozies from Mom Advice.  They’re sure to leave your favorite teacher impressed and blessed.
  • Need some other ideas for gifting on a tight budget? The Nourishing Gourmet has eight ways for you to show your loved ones you care.  Sure, I know the post was written about birthdays, but I think these tips and ideas are perfect for any holiday and could be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • And because I can’t let you go without sharing something to make you hungry this morning, take a look at this delicious chocolate hazelnut pie from Bake or Break. It already has my tummy rumbling and it’s not even 8am! What is your favorite type of pie?

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