Founded in 2007, Type-A Parent is the world’s premier conference, influencer network and community for mom bloggers, dad bloggers and the marketers who want to connect with them.

The Type-A Parent community is a powerful force on social media. The community generated half a billion impressions on Twitter alone last year. Brands interested in reaching our highly influential, business-minded and professional bloggers can download our sponsorship deck and contact us.

Hundreds of bloggers have contributed and thousands are members. “Type-A” has become synonymous with power blogger and social media influencer. Each time a list of power moms and top bloggers is released, it heavily features Type-A Parent network bloggers. Type-A Parent or its CEO/Founder Kelby Carr have been featured on Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, Martha Stewart, NBC News, Redbook, CNN, ASJA Monthly, U.S. News & World Report and Bloomberg Business Week.

Our sponsors have included household name organizations and brands such as Disney, Johnson & Johnson, St. Jude, California Raisins, HP, Dodge, Beech-Nut, iRobot, Little Debbie and Bing.

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Kelby Carr is the CEO and founder of Type-A Parent, and she has been coding since 1982 (Apple IIe represent!), social networking online since 1984 (#BBSlife), web publishing since 1992, blogging since 2002 and tweeting since 2007. Kelby is the author of Pinterest For Dummies and Pinterest Marketing For Dummies.

The mother of three kids who inherited her attitude, Kelby’s superpowers include gettin’ jiggy wit’ it, spotting typos, crafting cocktails and posting seemingly harmless status updates on Facebook that turn into comment wars. She is a black market dealer in emoji, internet memes and inappropriate animated gifs. She is an unapologetic hoarder of domains, purses, comics, kitchen tools she no longer has room for and will probably never use, travel-sized anything and extra añejo tequila.