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ANNOUNCEMENT: Make More Money Virtual Conference

ALERT: Early Bird Pricing Ends TODAY at 3 p.m. EST!

You’ve got the content down. You rock a good blog post, and you can Facebook share/tweet/Insta/snap like nobody’s business. But you scream out SHOW ME THE MONEY and hear crickets. OK, maybe not crickets. But you can almost smell the potential for more money sitting right there, waiting for you to grab it. This one-week Make More Money Virtual Conference September 19-23 will feature workshops and courses on a variety of ways to see your online income explode. To make it easier to attend live, each day will have no more than three workshops maximum. Attendees will also be able to watch all session recordings later at their leisure.

Marketers, PR representatives and brands, you can book a brand pass to attend, inclusion in our virtual gift bag, a virtual expo booth and/or a sponsored session to teach influencers how to use your product or service. Have questions? Contact us.

The Make More Money Virtual Conference will feature sessions on how to:

  • Creative passive income streams that earn you money while you sleep and play
  • Take major advantage of the upcoming holiday online spending frenzy to line your wallets with cold cash
  • Negotiate your rates to give your more money for less work
  • Get more (and better paying) clients
  • Find the best affiliate programs for your site, and optimize your blog so you get the most buck for your efforts
  • Diversify your income so that you aren’t hit so badly when one area underperforms
  • Sell your own products, tee-shirts, courses, memberships, digital products, books and/or eBooks for a steady stream of income
  • Laser focus on the 20% of work that yields 80% of your income so you earn more for doing less
  • And much, much more…

Registered virtual conference attendees will get the following:

  • Live access to the full week of sessions and speakers
  • Post-conference access to the session replays
  • Private Facebook group for attendees to network and learn from one another before, during and after the conference.

Make More Money!

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