Just the thought of becoming a grandmother sends most women on a joyous journey.

Ah, a baby. A cuddly, cooing masterpiece of nature.

Months of preparation begin for the arrival. Shopping. Baby showers. Lists of necessities. And yes, luxuries too.

Adorable clothing. Items for the nursery. Things for travel. Marvels to entertain with.

And on one most special day of all, the baby arrives and all is well with the world.

Until the grandmas (and grandpas too) are asked to babysit at their homes.

Why wasn’t there a baby shower for grandma!?

Just the thought of becoming a grandmother sends most women on a joyous journey.

Reality sets in pretty quickly that certain items must, must, must be on-hand for grandbaby visits.

Here is the short list:


1. Wet wipes, and plenty of them. Even the most organized mama may forget that she used every last wet wipe on her last excursion to her pediatrician, a play date, or just out to the supermarket. Wet wipes rescue the grandma in every possible way, from diaper duty to sticky hands and mouths… from cleaning up little messes that happen to furniture and carpets to wiping pet hair from the adorable little onesie. Bottom line – stock up!

2. Diapers. To be short even one diaper can be a disaster. There is no need for details here. Keep diapers on hand, and make sure the diapers are the right size as the precious little bundle grows. Have you ever tried to stuff a size 1 diaper on a size 3 bum. Can you say “Speedo”?

3. Formula. Breast milk. Or any beverage that your grandchild is familiar with and used to drinking. First, it is downright unhealthy to change any brands that babies and children are used to drinking. Think of it this way… if you love white milk and someone forces you to drink lemonade, how would you react? Ah, ha! Best case in each case is to ask the parents for specific brands and stick with what works.

4. Extra! Extra! Extra! Extra blankets, pajamas, bibs, onesies and tees. There will be little accidents. You can take that to the bank. Surprise your own child (mama or daddy of your grandchild) with a little drawer in your own home filled with little necessities. Your child will think you’re a genius, and she or he will not have to lug an entire suitcase to your home with each visit. And, oh yeah. Never send these extra things home with them because you will never get them back!

5. Teethers, toys, rattles. Anything that you can shake, rattle and/or roll will make your grandchild happy. And you, too. Yes, I know there is nothing quite like climbing into a kitchen cabinet and exploring the world of pots, pans, wooden spoons, and unbreakable storage containers, but even grandma can’t spend every moment in the kitchen!

6. This may seem a bit over the top, but if grandma can purchase her own car seat for her own car… well, that is pretty much buying independence. Of course, grandma must check with the mama and daddy for exact car seat specifications for the baby or child, especially as the child grows, but the correct car seat gives grandma the perfect ability to show her precious bundle to the world.

Ah, a baby.

Grandma’s ready!