Diaper Raffle

Before I was ever pregnant, a good friend of mine told me about the diaper raffle. She said it was the best thing to do at a baby shower because it helped her out so much when she was preparing for her baby’s arrival. Never having children and having gone to very few baby showers myself, I was unfamiliar with the ritual of playing games for prizes, but this one works because no one gets embarrassed in the process. Even if you don’t like playing games, you’ll like this one!

This is how the diaper raffle works.  When writing out the invitation, be sure to add a line that advises the guest to bring a package of diapers in order to be able to participate in the diaper raffle and for a chance to win a prize.  The wording can be as simple as that or if you’re creative you can choose to write a poem. For example: Please bring a bag of diapers, any shape or size, to enter a raffle for a really great prize.

Now, keep in mind, since diapers are expensive, the prize should be bigger than the other prizes given for typical shower games.

Generally, the prizes are valued at $25 or more, but of course, stick within your budget.  Also, make sure your guests know that entering into the raffle is optional if you think that some people might be offended by being told to bring a package of diapers.  Some people bring you diapers anyway.  If people bring you more than one package, they get more than one entry into the raffle.

When it was time for my baby shower, my sister-in-law made sure to include a diaper raffle on my invitation and I’m glad she did.  With over 20 people attending, and some people bringing cases of diapers, I ended up with enough diapers to last me for months.

Diapers are something that will get used but can’t be reused (if you go with disposable diapers) like cute little outfits or baby bottles, which is why every parent is happy to receive a package.  Arming new parents with an arsenal of diapers is great for those sleepless nights and endless days when a trip to Target seems like an impossible task.  The diaper raffle has helped many people and I hope it helps you too.

Photo © LanaK – Fotolia.com