Not confident with cooking or have come to the realisation that the budget won’t stretch to takeouts most evenings but are time poor? Homeschooling, or looking for an extra dimension for children’s real life learning?

Suitable for any age group, Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu’s Back to Basics Cooking Class at One Roast Vegetable ensures students learn the basics of cooking, invigorating tired cooks, and inspiring young chefs.

Back to Basics Cooking Class Pros

Shelley has produced a 14-week Back to Basics Cooking Class where you view lessons in your own time and pace, practicing techniques at home.  Every week, participants are emailed a new lesson to follow. The step-by-step instructions allow students to review missed parts in their own time.

Regardless of cooking skills, every participant in Shelley’s online cooking class will learn something.  Her presentations are clear, concise, non-judgmental, warm and friendly. Her classes are fun, practical and full of food technology tips and advice which will make you a better cook  and have more adventurers in the kitchen.

At $69 Canadian, the course is inexpensive for the amount of information and tips a student will pick up and  available to all countries who have high speed internet connections. The variety of recipes cover most tastes, ranging from simple egg dishes, to a variety of healthy burgers, chicken dishes and deserts.

Back to Basics Cooking Class Cons

The Back to Basics course has been carefully constructed and filmed, so it is difficult to find fault with it. If anything, the website itself may turn people away as it follows an outdated marketing technique of the sales page and sign ups via email before any real information is given out.

With the economy hitting most homes, it has become more than fashionable to home cook.  The challenge for most people is not only having the confidence and inspiration to continue to use recipes they have learned, but in having the equipment required to prepare and cook the dishes.  Although the recipes are simple and at the most, uncomplicated, it is a sad fact that many homes would not own a set of mini ramikins, or cake tins, much less a mixing bowl.


Shelley has a number of preview lessons available on her site, giving prospective students a good opportunity to review her style and pace.  Past courses have been split between parents who aren’t great cooks and would like to be more confident in the kitchen and homeschooling mothers who use it as home economics curriculum for their kids.  Shelley’s style is certainly one that is appealing to kids as well as adults.

Shelley has produced a number of other courses, including level 2 class (Beyond the Basics), a Christmas baking class, cooking for the freezer, a vegetarian class, French desserts … as well as a “how to learn self-discipline when I’m already supposed to be a grown up” motivation and self-discipline class.

People’s motivation to learn to cook ranges from the need to reduce take out, increase nutrition and impress others with their homespun skills. The Back to Basics class will fulfill these goals allowing participants to gain the confidence they need to make better choices with their food.

For more information, check out Shelley’s site One Roast Vegetable.

Disclosure: Short term access to the Back to Basics Online Cooking Class was provided to the writer by Shelley MacDonald Beaulieu for review purposes.