If you haven’t gotten any bad advice about homeschooling lately, just go to google Knols, where teacher and administrator Joe C(something) is distributing it free of charge.

Here’s the scoop

KNOLS is google’s version of wikipedia.

A Knol is a bit of knowledge

There is a man creating KNOLS about homeschooling. He’s a teacher, a school administrator, and he owns a business selling teaching stuff.

He writes (bad spelling and grammar) about how hard HS is, how dangerous it is, and other lies.

Here’s his page

If y’all can figure out how to create KNOLS, and edit other KNOLS- please do so. the “information” he is spreading is toxic to families, and just plain wrong.

Let’s squash him.
Please share this information on other forums, in emails, etc.
You can contact me through my website at ww.lisarussell.org if you have any questions, but I think when you see what he’s written you’ll understand.


Even if you don’t have time to comment on his so-called-articles, please share this with other homeschoolers. He needs to be stopped.

Thank you
Lisa Russell