being active as a blogger

As a blogger, it is challenging to be active. Most of our work hours are spent at a computer, smartphone or tablet. Add in being a parent and all of the time demands of that, and it can be downright difficult to work fitness into a daily routine.

I recently got the chance to try out the Omron HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer, which was rated #2 by Consumer Reports among digital pedometers recently and was ranked #1 for over 10 years. You can follow Omron at @OmronFitness and like them at You can also track the bloggers in the Omron Fitness challenge by searching #fitwithomron.

I have had it for a few weeks now, and have made some interesting discoveries by tracking my daily steps. One major one I realized is that the days when I primarily work and don’t run any errands or get out of the house, I get about half the daily steps that I do on days I do go out. That’s the case even if I just go grocery shopping.

For example, at the beginning of the blogger challenge I would get maybe 4,000 steps when I didn’t try to boost my steps. I wanted to see what was typical. When I would go out to run errands, without even making an effort to get more steps in, I would typically get 8,000 steps.

While that might seem obvious, having the numbers in your face is very telling. So now I know I need to add a workout at home at least on days when I haven’t gone out.

Lesson two: I clearly need to do more shopping. You know, for my health.

As I wore my Omron pedometer, another thing jumped out at me. Wearing it made me more aware of how active I was on a given day, and motivated me to increase my numbers. In the end, that meant I increased my steps by thousands some days. I could look midday and see if I was very low, and do something about it well before the day was over.

Tracking my steps also is pretty telling when it comes to how easy it is to not be active on a given day. My husband and I lived in France and we didn’t even own a car. I imagine we racked up thousands and thousands of steps daily. I remember when we returned to the U.S. thinking how difficult it would be to be as active. I took a car everywhere, and there were so few opportunities to just walk.

Here are a few tips to work in more steps each day:

  • Park further from the store. This one’s tough for me because there is just something competitive and lizard brain-like about getting the best spot available that is so like winning, but it is a good way to work in more steps.
  • Get out of the house. I was impressed by how many steps I got just by getting out to do something, even for a brief period and even just to run a couple errands. You can even take a quick break from the computer to take a short walk. You’ll be more productive afterwards, and you’ll add in more steps.
  • If you don’t get out, use that as an excuse or motivation to do a workout at home.
  • Do things around the house. Cleaning, home improvement projects or even just dancing around the living room with the kids can all be ways to boost those steps.

What tips do you have for getting more steps? As a blogger, how do you handle the challenge of getting more active with such a sedentary job?

I’m being compensated to write this post by Bookieboo LLC in a blogger campaign with Omron Fitness.