Recently, I bought advertising from a blogger with four blogs. After I did it, I had a real “duh” moment. We bloggers keep complaining that companies don’t buy advertising, but it dawned on me this is only the second time I have purchased direct advertising from a blogger. So I started thinking that perhaps we should put our money where are mouths are and see what the end result is.

Now, granted, I have basically a zero budget for marketing. I am sure many of my fellow bloggers are the same way, lucky to afford to cover the mortgage and buy groceries much less buy advertising. But bear with me here.

What if each of us bought just one ad? There are blog advertising options at many budget levels, from just a few dollars even. We’re talking coffee money in some cases. What if we all made a point of doing this each month with whatever spare money we have?

First, we would be setting an example that blog advertising and investing in the blogosphere does have merit (and it does). Two, you would be promoting your site or blog or business in new places and to new audiences and potential customers. Many of us have blogs, sites, eBooks, products, online shops, consulting services and so on.

So here is what I am going to do, and I hope some of you follow suit. As I have extra money, and when I have extra money, I will spend some of it on blog advertising. That is a commitment I am going to make. I hope some of you other bloggers follow suit, and I hope some companies follow suit as well. I hope that I will sell more ads on my sites, and I hope that in months I don’t have any extra money, I will sell ads.

But really, it is about sending a simple message that blog advertising is worth investing in.

I would also love to connect you with advertisers and with blogs that need advertising. Please comment on this post if you have blog advertising space for sale (and feel free to link to your advertising information on your site), and comment here if you would like to buy blog advertising. Or comment if you would like to buy AND sell advertising.

I will keep an eye on the thread here, and I do plan to buy some ads.

And I will get the ball rolling. You can buy advertising on Type-A Parent here, and I just added very low-priced introductory options ($10 per ad) for mom and dad bloggers and business owners at Investigative Mommy Blogger.

How about you? What ads do you have available for purchase? Share!

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