Parentblogger Affiliates is a series on Type-A Parent to help you monetize your blog. The series will feature tips on using affiliates to generate revenue, as well as profiles and detailed tips on specific affiliate programs that are well suited to parents who blog.

Welcome to a new series at Type-A Parent geared to help you monetize your blog with tips on using affiliates, as well as profiles of affiliate programs that are well suited to parents who blog. The first program I will feature is the BlogWorld and New Media Expo affiliate program, which is especially ideal of your blog is heavily read by fellow bloggers (which is often the case).

As a side note, if you are planning to register you can save 20% with the code TYPEA and I will get an affiliate commission as well (how cool is that?). Register here…

BlogWorld and New Media Expo Affiliate Program

This program allows you to earn a 10 percent commission when you refer someone who registers for the conference, which is the world’s largest social media conference. It features quite a long cookie period of an entire year, which means that someone who uses your affiliate link to visit the page can wait an entire year before returning and purchasing. You will still get the commission. You do have to apply to join the program, but it didn’t take very long. You can apply here.

The payout if your referrals register is high as well. The average sale is $350, which means an average commission of $35.

The options for affiliates include text links, banners, email code and video.  You can also create a custom link to send your readers anywhere on the BlogWorld site and get credit if they register.

Tips to Earn BlogWorld Affiliate Commissions

There is a wide variety of ways you can spread the word about the conference and earn a commission, such as:

  • Use your affiliate link to spread the word about the conference in social media, such as tweets and Facebook shares. They have discounted pricing that ends September 21, so sharing the deadline to the cheaper pricing could be very effective.
  • Write a post about the conference and use your affiliate link to connect people to register for BlogWorld.
  • Add banner ads to your site via the affiliate program. For example, the large ad at the top of this page is an affiliate banner. They have a wide variety of image sizes for affiliate banners.
  • If you use email newsletters, include a blurb about the conference and use your affiliate URL to link to the site.
  • If you plan to attend yourself, tweet, share or write a pre-conference post.
  • Write a post after the conference and use the link, too! With the cookies lasting for a year, your referral after the 2011 conference could eventually lead to a commission for a 2012 BlogWorld conference.

For example, here is a banner to promote the affiliate program:

And here is one to promote registration to the conference:

Save up to 30% off when you register by Sept. 21st for BlogWorldExpo in Los Angeles, Nov. 3-5, 2011.

Find out more or join the program: BlogWorld and New Media Expo Affiliate Program.