If you’re looking for a specifically catholic or christian girls club, or boy’s group, a secular girls club, unisex character education group, or other alternative club to help kids develop leadership skills then look no further, here’s a rundown of alternative scouting clubs for kids.

Parents looking for an alternative to the Boy Scouts and GirlScouts have a lot of option, but they aren’t all available in every town.  Learn a little bit about each of these scouting alternatives and find one near you.  Otherwise, start one.  Chances are, you’re not the only family interested.

Adventure Guides

Adventure Guides are a secular, co-ed program sponsored by the YWCA, they aim to enhance the quality of family time, and offer kidsthe opportunity to develop volunteer leadership skills.  They also strive to help buildpositive lifelong relationships between parents and children.

Earth Scouts 

The Earth Scouts are also a secular, co-ed organization.  They have a kid-created mission statement; they are“Changing the world one fun badge at a time.” Earth Scouts facilitatorsprovide a cooperative learning environment for future communityleaders, both boys and girls.  They stress peacefulness and cooperation between the sexes.

Pioneer Clubs

Pioneergirls and boys meet separately to build relationships with caringChristian adults and Jesus Christ. The goal of the Pioneer Club is to help children follow Christ inevery aspect of life. Pioneer clubs state that theirprogram is Christ-centered, Bible-based, kid-focused and flexible.

SpiralScouts International

Rooted in the Pagan tradition, entire families areencouraged to join SpiralScouts, and share the scouting experience withother families.  It’s a coed, multi-age organization designed to bringfamilies together by encouraging boys and girls to play and worktogether under the direction of both male and female leaders. Itspurpose is to teach that men and woman can both be cooperative andcapable leaders.

Camp Fire USA

Camp Fire is another secular, coed group.  They provide programs all over theU.S. Camp Fire’s programs include youth leadership, self-reliance,after school groups, camping and environmental education and child care.

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