I’m currently in Las Vegas for the 2012 International CES. 150,000 people are expected to visit 3100 booths sharing the latest and upcoming tech. There are 9 halls covering about 31 football fields and after my first day wandering I know I have barely scratched the surface.

Here are a few pictures I managed to catch throughout the day. What I can’t capture with photos is the noise level and general excitement. There’s the cacophony of companies giving competing pitches and presentations, the general hum and shuffle of thousands walking and engaging in conversation, all underscored by hundreds of booths in each hall trying to outperform their neighbors’ sound system.

It’s overwhelming for an introvert.

Sometimes though I can find a quiet spot (near the TWiT Soundstage for example and lament that I’m too chicken to go up and say hello to Leo. I’m a big fan of the TWiT network, but that’s as probably as close as I’ll get to actually asking for a picture.

I’m gearing up to head over for Day 2, maybe today I’ll be a little less overwhelmed and more focused the actual products rather than the overall shiny and noisy experience.

You can follow the updates and new products from the the show floor by following #TypeACES and at the main Type-A Parent CES coverage page.