Florida is the last state that needs to lift the archaic gay adoption ban in our great country. To this day, it has not yet been removed and is still being enforced. The cruel reality is that children of gay parents are being ripped out of loving stable homes. See how this law is causing irreparable damage to Florida’s children.

It's Time For Adoption Equality

Three specific examples of how the archaeic gay adoption ban is cruel and conflicts the best interest of Florida’s children. First, the effect on children of gay families that are allowed to foster them, but not adopt them. Second, the effect of a child being removed from a gay relatives home and placed in foster care, after being appointed by the dead parent in a will. Lastly, the effect on a child not being able to be adopted by their other gay parent and placed in foster care, after the death of the biological gay parent.

How This Archaeic Law Is Hurting Children In The Foster Care System

Adoption Equality Martin Gill

My heart dropped to the floor during the adoption training seminar in St. Petersburg, Fl. when I heard Martin Gill’s story. He and his partner have fostered two little boys since they were 4 months and 6 years old. The children are now officially up for adoption and even though they have been in that loving stable home for five years, the state’s goal is to remove the children from the home. Martin and his partner are able to adopt the boys, fit every requirement and stipulation, except that they are gay. DCF agrees that removing the children from the home would cause damage to the children. They have already lost their first family and could not phychologically handle losing Martin and his partner.

How Children Are Placed In Foster Care After Losing Family, Because Parent Appointed Relative Is Gay

Kevin Beckner

Just imagine, you line up your will and appoint your sister to care for your children in the event of your untimely death. The children’s aunt is the only living relative your children have. Then as the adoption process begins, your sister has to check off a box that asks if she is gay. She checks yes, because she is. Wrong answer! Only in the State of Florida, though. Now your children will be placed with strangers for the rest of their lives. In any other state your children would be safely nestled with their auntie. The best interest of the children? I think not! This is told best through the relative adoption story of Vanessa and Melanie Alenier.

How a Child’s Second Gay Parent Can Lose All Rights To Their Own Children

When a loving gay couple has a child through IVF or surrogacy in Florida, only one parent can place their name on the adoption certificate. Such as the case with the amazing gay rights activist Cathy James, and her partner. In the event of the biological parent’s death, their child would go to the closest living relative. Not the non-biological parent he has known from birth, but an aunt or mother-in-law. If anyone has ever had a mother-in-law, regardless of whether you are gay or straight, you probably would not want your child to be appointed to them if your husband or wife died. Imagine yourself being at their mercy to see your own child that you have raised since birth, because you would have no legal ground to claim them. What if that family is in turmoil or anti-gay? Then you, the surviving partner and parent, have just lost your entire family. Worst of all, now your innocent child has lost both of their parents, instead of just one.

Heartfelt SupportThose are just three examples of how the archaic Florida adoption law banning gay people from adopting is cruel and definitely not in the best interest of Florida’s children. Florida isn’t doing what every other state is: Judging a potential adoptive parent’s eligibility by their own merit, capabilities and skills. Along with their ability to provide a loving, healthy, and stable environment for the adoptive children involved.

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If you are just learning about this active primitive law, and it’s effect it is having on Florida’s children, please help. You can make a difference “In Anita’s Wake.” More information is available through the links provided within this article.