Twins know they are unique. They learn at an early age to explain to people that yes, they are twins, and even who is who. So why not celebrate their twin-ness with a book about twins?

Learning to ReadThere are several children’s books about twins that I have given and received as gifts. These are some of my favorites:

  • T is for Twins by Mary Bond- This alphabet book is filled with photographs of twins of different ages and in different stages of play. My girls loved staring at the photographs so much that I had to buy another copy of this book after so many pages were torn from their clumsy toddler hands. The rhyming words and lyrical pattern are easy for mom to memorize, and fun to read as well.
  • Hello Twins by Charlotte Voake- This book stars boy-girl twins who could not be more different. As a mom who has tried to celebrate my twins’ differences, this book is very appealing. They may be twins, but they are unique, and they like it that way.
  • Twin to Twin by Margaret O’Hair- In this book boy-girl twins take you on a rhyming journey from infant to toddler stage with twice the play and twice the mess. I gave this book to a friend just after her twins were born. She couldn’t imagine the day when she would be reading to them. She recently told me her twins have learned to read this book to her.
  • Little Miss Twins by Roger Hargreaves- In the spirit of the other Mr. Men and Little Miss books this book is humorous and great for early readers. These twins live in Twoland and you can’t tell them apart. I would pair this with two of the other Little Miss books that best describe your twins (Little Miss Giggles? Little Miss Sunshine?) for a unique twin gift.
  • Two is for Twins by Wendy Cheyette Lewison – A great way to teach twins about what it means to be a pair. Lots of things come in twos (eyes, hands, bicycle wheels, a bird’s wings) and many times having a twin means twice as much fun.
  • Twins Go to Bed by Ellen Weiss- A perfect way to end a wonderful (or not-so wonderful) twin-filled day. Beginning or pre-readers will enjoy this book and so will mom and dad. Anything that helps get twins in the mood for bed is a plus and those pre-reader books have very few words!

Photo of Twins Learning to Read, Copyright Dictybloke

Janine Nickel (@twincident on Twitter) is the the mother of 5-year old twin girls and has learned that there’s nothing like children to show you all your defects of character. Janine blogs about her neuroses, her twins, and she reviews products and hosts giveaway at