Since enuresis (bedwetting) tends to run in families, it is not thatsurprising that 4 of my 5 potty trained children still have troublemaking it through the night without an accident. I didn’t start to gainnighttime bladder control until I was a teenager! There are lots ofproducts available now to help make life easier for a child who wetsthe bed. All of the major diaper manufacturers have a pullup typedisposable pant for those who struggle with bedwetting. But what if youare not of the disposable mindset and are looking for cheaper orgreener alternatives? Using cloth pants as an alternative todisposables for bedwetters is good for the environment and good foryour wallet. Cloth pants for bedwetters can be hard to find, but theyare available. My favorite of the available options are Snap-EZ ‘training’ pants . Theyoffer wide range of options, from lots of fabric choices to extra snapsfor more flexible sizing. A great choice for bedwetters is theAll-in-One pants, which have a waterproof fabric on the outside and 3layers of absorbent fabric with your choice of microfleece, suedecloth,stretch terry or velour on the inside. Snap-EZ is the only company thatoffers a full range of sizes in this type of product. They have up tosize 10 on their All-in-One pants, and even larger sizes on theircompanion website geared for adults and those with disabilities,Snap-EZ for Life . I have been very pleased with their customer service,and happy to grab some bargains from their Snap-EZ Dealz page.

Wehave also tried out Mother of Eden Overnight Undies . They functionedvery well for us. However, they are quite a bit more bulky than the Snap-EZ pants.That makes them harder to get completely clean and dry in the laundry.They also only come in white, which makes a child feel more like theyare wearing a diaper. They come in sizes up to 10/12. To find even more cloth alternatives (some of whichcome in larger sizes) you can check out the training pants reviews atDiaper Pin.

If you have a child that needsmore absorbency from a cloth pant, try adding an absorbent insertrather than looking for a bulkier pant. This will make it easier foryou to launder, but still provide the needed protection.

Cleaningthe pants are the same as washing cloth diapers. If you are alreadyusing cloth diapers in your household, throwing these in with the sameload will work fine. An older child can certainly take theresponsibility for running their own load of cloth pants. Let them knowthat you are pleased that they are growing into a responsible youngadult. They will get the message that you don’t care that their bodyhasn’t figured out how to wake up at the right times yet, and are proudof them for more important reasons!