My husband and I lived with our oldest when she was a baby in Nice, France for almost a year. It was a pretty amazing time that I will never forget, and I am so glad we got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live abroad.

We spent many mornings and afternoons drinking café au lait. We drank it at cafés along the Cours Selaya, with the beautiful and bustling flower market bursting with hundreds of vibrant colors. We drank it at cafés along the Promenade des Anglais overlooking the waves.

I still remember drinking my first American coffee when I came back, and wondering why I never noticed how weak and bland coffee is here. As a Your Perfect Cup™ K-Cup®Ambassador, I recently had a chance to sample some European coffees from Tully’s.

There are quite a few varieties of K-Cup portion packs from Tully’s (you can see them all here), but my favorite was the French Roast. I even decided to sample it like I enjoyed my café au laits in France, with a small bit of dark chocolate melted inside. It was like a flashback in a mug.

The coffee was bold and full of rich flavor, but not so strong I needed to douse it with too much milk. Another great European-style coffee is the Italian Roast.

Find out more about Tully’s, and also be sure to check out some of the ways they support local communities. Also be sure to follow @BrewBetterWorld.

The author is a compensated Your Perfect Cup™ K-Cup® Ambassador. Photos provided by Tully’s/Green Mountain Coffee.