With the focus on green living and the need to eliminate some of the clutter from our homes, finding creative uses for useless items around the house is essential. Think about all those CDs and DVDs that you have lying around that are scratched, broken or just are never used anymore. One of the most fun and environmentally friendly things that you can do with old CDs is to add them to your kids’ craft box.

Photo Credit: Andrew Fogg

CD Picture Frames


Showcase your favorite photosin a bright and shiny frame. Just cut your picture into a circle shape andattach it using photo safe glue or tape. Kids can use glitter, stickers, paintsor just about anything else they can attach with glue. Stick a magnet to theback and use it on the fridge or a locker, or place the CD in a plate holder todisplay your photo and frame on a shelf or tabletop. 

Christmas Ornaments 

Making Christmas ornaments isanother great way to give your old CDs a new life. The options here are endless!Let the kids go crazy with puff paints, glitter, jewels, artificial flowers andanything else that you can hot glue to the disc. Once their masterpiece iscomplete, tie a string or wire through the hole of the CD and secure it at thetop to prevent spinning.

Disco Ball Decoration

Everyone loves a disco ball,especially the preteen set. They can create their own disco ball to hang intheir room, creating a cool focal point and great light effects. All you needis some old CDs, a Styrofoam ball, hot glue or craft glue, kitchen shears forcutting the CDs.

Simply wrap the wire aroundthe ball to secure it, leaving a loop at the top.

Next, cut the CDs into piecessuitable for the size of the ball you are using. Generally, about ½-inch piecesfor a 5-inch ball or 1-inch pieces for a 12-inch ball will work best. A quicktip to prevent splintering when cutting is to dip the CDs into boiling waterfor a couple of seconds. Use kitchen tongs to prevent scalding and do not letthem stay in the water long enough to start warping. 

Now you can glue the piecesto the ball. Start from the bottom and work to the top, making sure to get thepieces as close together as possible. Let the glue dry, if necessary, then hanghear a light source or window.

CD Clock 

CDs make a great backgroundfor a clock. Let the kids decorate the CD as a clock face, adding numbers anddecorations from any craft supplies that you have around the house. Attach aclock kit from any craft or discount store to the front of the CD, and hang iton the wall.

CD Party Banner 

If you are looking for a funway to decorate for a birthday or other special occasion, old CDs make greatbanners. Tie together CDs with string or ribbon to create a banner effect andthen have the kids cut out and decorate the letters for the message that youwant your banner to say. Attach the letters to the CDs and hang up your banner.You now have a reusable banner for any occasion!