A lot of people decided to make an online video in 2011. Were you one of them?

There are three major things that hold people back or stop them from making a video blog.

One – They don’t think they look or sound good enough.

I hear this very often. I usually think, “Have you browsed YouTube lately? Have you seen some of the people that get lots of views?” There is no rule that you have to be model ready with a perfectly modulated voice. And remember that everybody has an accent to someone else – just travel a bit and you’ll find that out. Your readers/followers want to connect with you not a superstar.

Two – They don’t know what to say or do.

If it’s a video blog you can start by talking; you don’t have to do anything but look at the camera. Here are some topic ideas that might help:

  • Make an about video or welcome video for your site.
  • Read a blog post.
  • Pick your favorite topic or niche. Go through the alphabet and think of a related word for each letter.
  • Visit SimpleVloggingTips.com and sign up for the mailing list to get a free ebook full of topic ideas.

Three – They don’t have the right equipment.

Often people think they need to have just the right camera, lights, software, etc. All you really need is an Internet connection and a way to record digital video. There are successful video bloggers that use their phone or a webcam. I’d be surprised if you have absolutely nothing that records video. If  you can’t beg, borrow, or win one you can buy a  small digital camcorder for around $100 – $150.

An online video can quickly boost your online presence by confirming your expertise, make you more trustworthy, and reach a wider audience. What is stopping you from making a vlog?

Photo copyright David Fant