Does the pull of the Internet pull you away from your family? I know I sometimes (or often times) struggle with managing my online time. I feel it has been both a benefit, yet it can be a great distraction.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel the Internet pulls time away from your family? I know that my computer and writing time is an integral part of my own rest and relaxation as a mom, but how does one find balance? I imagine if you are here on Type-A Mom, you are a “connected” woman, and this is not a new question for you.

Earlier this week, I chose to put myself on the spot to answer this question in an interview on the radio. You can read my post about it here. Actually, the exact question was, “Does the internet cause you to lose face time with your family.”

Yyyyyessss? I find that question cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. Do you agree?

Yes, the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc…) can be a time-taker. The thing is, any hobby can take away from family “face time”. I used to watch Oprah and scrapbook and craft more. I don’t “do” any of those things anymore. Basically, I have traded one thing for another.

In my case, I have found the pull of social media (to be specific) has caused a shift in the way I choose to spend my “me time.” With the internet and it’s simplicity (no craft supplies to junk up the kitchen table), it can be easier to access and perhaps spend more time in that “space.”

You probably know what I mean. You intent to check email for 5 minutes and when you look up, nearly 30 minutes has passed. You hop onto Facebook to catch-up on the lives of your friends and before you know it time has slipped quickly away.

In my own experience, I find I need to implement limits on the time I spend. Just like any other hobby I might get sucked into. The word “boundaries” comes to mind. One way I limit my online time is I do not play games, some set hours, others may not Twitter. What is your “trade”? What are your thoughts or advice on protecting family time from the draw of the Internet?

Jenny Ingram is the mother of three children (ages 4, 7 and 10) and lives near Seattle in Washington state. She loves writing here at Type-A Mom, for her own blog (Jenny on the Spot), and has a passion for encouraging moms in this journey…for she has been encouraged.

Photo of woman on laptop, © Julia Freeman-Woolpert.