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Welcome to the Type-A Parent Social eBook Store for parent bloggers and digital moms and dads.

This is the world’s first social eBook store, which means that many of our titles come with a bonus.

If you see the “social ebook” badge next to a book, purchasing the book will get you access directly to the author and fellow readers of the book in a special private Type-A Parent group.

All of the eBooks are PDFs that can be downloaded to your computer, printed or uploaded onto your Kindle, Nook, iBooks or other eBook reader.

The eBooks will cover a wide range of topics of interest to digital parents, ranging from blogging and social media to lifestyle and home topics.

If you would like to sell your eBook on Type-A Parent, submit here. Would you like to become a Type-A Parent eBook Store affiliate and earn 20% commission on all sales you refer? Sign up here.

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