Since I started working out regularly this past spring after an eighteen month break I have struggled with wearing the old workout clothes I had worn years ago.  My weight was also lower at that time, making the pants too tight for my comfort level.  The gym I belong to is located in Glendale, California.  Mervyn’s went out of business at the Glendale Galleria and The Americana was completed.  I always bought my clothing there and did not really see any stores at the new center that were in my price range. 


A few months ago T.J. Maxx took over the building where Barnes + Noble was located before moving over to the Americana.  This shopping center is on my way home from the gym, so on a weekly basis I stated visiting and trying on exercise clothing.  The cashier even remembers me from my very first visit to the store.  The fitting rooms are plentiful in a nice system that is not chaotic, but classy and reminds me of a fine department store fitting area.

The prices are great for my budget with the clothing stylish in a variety for my needs.  I even purchased some jeans and tops.  I have also purchased several exercise pants and a yoga mat, weights for wrists to wear when walking around the lake with my kids and also for use with the treadmill.  Another great find was the weighted ball that is good to do with situps on the yoga mat.  These two were available in my favorite color, purple – which makes the exercise tasks more fun.

As a Mom who is almost out of her forties, I feel comfortable shopping at TJ Maxx where there is something for Moms of all ages, single women and the kids departments.  I can shop at my own pace without loud music blaring overhead, the store is well lit and gives me ideas for what to wear to my monthly meetings.    

On another street located in Glendale there was a music store also went out of business.  This is located down the street from Border’s so I noticed when Marshall’s Shoe Mega Shop moved in recently.  Besides shoes for men, women and kids they have purses and socks.   I have been there twice thus far and found the sneaker prices to be very reasonable.  They were half the price I usually pay at brand name shoe stores.  I ended up with a black pair of Rampage boots that cost about twenty-five dollars that I will be wearing come the fall season. 

I took part in the TJ Maxx and Marshalls helping Moms all over America get the most out of Summer event, having received a gift card to each store.  Both stores appeal to families with kids, especially when on a budget and wanting to get great deals on clothing for the entire family.

Bonnie has many Autism Family Adventures and writes about Autism Spectrum Disorders