fat-quarter-project-ideasA fat quarter is a piece of fabric cut to measure (usually) 18″ X 22″.  A regular quarter yard of fabric measures 9″ X 44″ so cutting a yard of fabric four across the selvage and the crosswise grain, results in “fat” quarters. You can find fat quarters pre-cut in almost any craft store, whether they have a fabric section or not. They are also relatively inexpensive. You can find them for less than a dollar on sale or for as much as $6-$7 for some of the designer fabrics.  Either way, a fat quarter is a great way to work with a fabric you love, without having to break the bank.

I consider myself an advanced beginner when it comes to sewing. I don’t really know what I’m doing most of the time but I’m not afraid to try new things. Using fat quarters is one of my favorite ways to practice my techniques and many of the projects I will list below make great gifts so using fat quarters is a win-win.

Fat Quarter Projects

The projects featured below use anywhere from 1-6 fat quarters.

iPod or Small Camera Case-  This is a free tutorial for a case for your iPod or small camera. This project is quick, easy, and ultra useful. What a fun way to keep your technology cozy and scratch free. It uses two fat quarters.

Pincushion-  This is a project I’ve had my eye on for a while.  It uses up to six different fabrics but can easily be made with less. From six different fat quarters, you would be able to make at least six different pincushions.  It is an excellent gift idea for any of your crafty friends or online swaps you might participate in.

Mini Patchfolio- This pattern bundle is from Craft Apple and costs $12. It uses three fat quarters. The pattern is a little pricey but these make great gifts. If you make items to sell, you can check out their licensing agreement and for a small fee you can make these for your shop or craft fairs.

Fat Quarter Purse Tutorial-  This tutorial is $3.00 and uses two fat quarters.  The sling purse is really cute and a great way to make a bag for less than $10.

Quilted Coasters-  I made a set of these coasters for a wedding gift and they were quick and easy to make. I made a set of six using two fat quarters and I had enough leftover to make a few more. I enjoyed making them and my husband was happy I had a handmade wedding gift for $2.

Box Bag- This link features several tutorials for various box bags. The one featured is a smaller size and you can make three bags from one fat quarter.  Some of the larger box bags use up to two fat quarters.  Use these to hold small projects, makeup, pencils, feminine products, you name it!

If these projects don’t inspire you to get out and create with fat quarters, I don’t know what will!

Christy Nelson is the Mom Crafts editor here at Type-A Parent and she crafts and blogs over at christynelson.net.  She’s also always on the lookout for a few good crafters to join her craft challenge.

Photo CC license/copyright Gina Pina