I write a lot, and a large percentage of the writing I do is for blogs. For my day-to-day writing, I have a list of several hundred blog post topic ideas to pull from (I use Evernote for idea management, by the way).

This list has taken a while to grow, and I continually add to it. I actually have a weekly process for reviewing, updating and modifying my list. Although I write mostly on small business topics, where I find inspiration could be applicable to anyone who writes just about anything.

So, here are a few places I go to find blog post ideas. Hopefully my list will help inspire you.

RSS Feeds

One of the best places to find blog post ideas is other blogs. I have a hefty list of blogs that I subscribe to, and they are excellent sources. My inspiration rarely comes from other blogs’ general topics, though. It’s usually a sentence, reference or statement made in the post.


I read a decent amount of business books, but my favorite books are fictional thrillers. It may be surprising, but I am often inspired to write a post on a specific topic by character dialog or the way an author phrases something in a book.


Kids provide an abundance of inspiration for me. Many of my posts on this site revolve around my kids and the impact they have on my work and life. But my kids also inspire me to write posts like this one: Five Principles for Success in Business and Preschool.


I don’t have much time to watch television, but I do keep up with some of my favorite shows, thanks to my DVR, iTunes and my iPhone. Just like books, I am often struck with blog post topic ideas by TV show plots, dialog and characters.

Social Media

There are millions of blog ideas flying around Twitter and Facebook, but not only through links shared. I have been inspired to write specific blog posts by social media comments, personal updates, questions and regular conversation.

And of course, I am often inspired by everyday life. It’s amazing where ideas will come from when you stop and absorb all that’s going on around you.

Where do you find blog topic inspiration in your life?

Image credit: raja4u