Fourth of July Preschool Unit Study

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Independence Day in America is celebrated on the Fourth of July each summer and can be a great time for preschoolers to learn more about our country’s heritage.

Fourth of July Math Idea for Toddlers

See a sample math lesson that is easily adapted to using cut out paper fireworks, berries or other summer party items. However, for Fourth of July this is a great time to teach the order of numbers: first, second, third, fourth, etc. Line colors up in a pattern and have your preschooler pick out the first crayon and tell you the color – continuing as they learn each of the numbers. This is a great opportunity to practice colors as well.

Independence Day Music Idea for Toddlers

There are several songs that are appropriate for Independence Day including God Bless America, You’re a Grand Old Flag and Yankee Doodle Dandie. Let children march about to the upbeat tempos of You’re a Grand Old Flag and Yankee Doodle Dandie and allow them to practice respect for the flag during other songs, including the National Anthem.

Fourth of July Science Idea for Preschoolers

Fireworks are a classic part of the Fourth of July celebrations so you can carefully show them how fire works and explains fire safety techniques. Explaining the Stop, Drop and Roll maneuvers and even practicing together, can make fire safety a fun activity together.

Independence Day Art Lesson for Toddlers

Let students create their own mosaic flags by gluing red, blue and white paper squares down onto paper. Parents or teachers will probably have to pre-draw a flag on the base paper so your preschooler can just match the colors. Let them use their flags in the Fourth of July Parade below.

Fourth of July Food Idea for Preschoolers

Bake a white pan cake and top it with white frosting or whipped topping. If you use a 13×9 sized pan it will keep the flag shaped proportions better. Use strawberries to create the red stripes of a flag and then use blueberries to create the blue square allowing enough white topping to show through to represent the white stars and white stripes. Creates a fun, festive and light Independence Day desert!

Independence Day Activities for Toddlers

What fun is the Fourth of July without a parade? Let your preschoolers create musical instruments from paper plates, toilet paper tubes, jingle bells, etc. They can wave the flags they made and play their instruments for a ton of fun! Play some patriotic marches like those by John Phillip Suza and let the kids practice marching to the upbeat tempos.

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