Educational Websites for First Grade Students, photo copyright Anissa ThompsonMy first grader really had a hard time with math and reading, so Isearched the web for anything that I could find that I thought wouldhelp him at home and was free. Some of these sites have games andworksheets for kids of all ages, but some are only geared for first grade. These sites were great and some of them may even be used in your child’s first grade class at school.

The best thing you can do for a child is to find a way to get them to use the computer, learn and have fun. So, I would suggest trying some of these sights. Please, add your children favorite sites to the comments part of this page.

One other great idea is to ask your child’s teacher to put a page on the school’s website and have her put sites that they are using at school or even sites that she thinks would be great. There are a lot of sites that you can put your kids on and they are tested, then they start from there. They do all different subjects and usually your child can use it as much as possible because it is a monthly fee. The other great thing is that some of these sites only charge per month, so your child can use the site just for the three months in the summer. This will give them a great start for the next year.