Top 5 Gifts for Small Business Owners

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Entrepreneurs are known to take matters into their own hands, and do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. This means we don’t like to leave much on the table, and we’re also (generally) horrible delegators. This also means that we tend to purchase what we need on our own to make our lives and businesses run smoothly. That makes us nearly impossible to buy for, giving everyone in our lives a serious headache during the holiday season.

But there are a number of gift ideas for small business owners that could be the perfect gift this year. To get you started with your holiday shopping, here are five gift ideas for the small business owner in your life.

The E-Myth Revisited

“The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It” by Michael E. Gerber may be one of the most influential small business books ever written. Michael Gerber presents some thought-provoking commentary on why most small businesses fail and what business owners can do to not only survive but to thrive. This is a must-read for any entrepreneur, and the perfect business owner gift. Read more

Keurig B30 Mini Brewer

Business owners are known to work some crazy hours. Whether they are staying up late at night or getting up at the crack of dawn, this Keurig will provide all the caffeine they need. The B30 model is a personal version of the larger Keurig machines and would fit nicely in an office. Read more

SentrySafe Fire-Safe Waterproof Chest

For business owners who work from home or keep important documents on-site, a fire-safe box is an important, but often over-looked investment. This fire-safe box from SentrySafe is the perfect size to fit important documents. It’s also easy to move, waterproof and locks to protect its contents. Read more

Plantronics Digital Wireless Office Headset

This wireless office headset works with most office phones and will help any business owner stay untangled. It is also great for those that suffer from neck or back pain and any multi-tasker who needs a free hand. Read more

Fellowes Cross-Cut Shredder 

With the rise in identity theft, it is more important than ever to destroy documents that contain sensitive information. And if your business handles confidential client information, a shredder is a necessity. This shredder can handle paper, CD’s, paper clips and credit cards, and is perfect for the small business owner in your life. Read more

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