I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to parenting! So before you throw yourself head-long into the wonderful world of potty training, let me suggest that you properly prepare yourself by hitting the books.

The two reads I’ve chosen to highlight below are at the tip top of a TALL stack of potty-themed books I’ve poured through in my quest for enlightenment on this topic. They each take a unique, insightful approach to the subject and offer excellent guidance for a wide range of parenting styles. Not only did I find both to be an all-around excellent reference, they were also a great source of comfort, offering practical solutions to problems and emotional support through difficulties.

However, neither of my selections contain much “Potty train your child in 10 minutes” advice. While I don’t dismiss that method out of hand, it’s more likely than not that you aren’t raising a toilet prodigy. I’m always a bit heartbroken for both parent and child when I see these quick-fixes tried and frustratingly failed. Potty training is a process; it’s a learning experience that takes both time and patience. If you are armed with the right tools to help your little one navigate the difficulties, you’ll enjoy the journey much more!

STress free potty training

Potty Training Insider Tip #3 – Do Your Homework!

To get you started…


Stress Free Potty Training – A Commonsense Guide to Finding the Right Approach For Your Child, by Sara Au and Peter Stravinoha


Your child is unique, and his/her atittude towards ditching diapers will be, too! This book covers several basic training methods and helps you determine which will best suit your toddler, based on their personality and temperament. It even offers helpful tips for working through common struggles! I found the guidance to be a great support during all the ups and downs of training.

Another great read…

no cry potty training

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution – Gentle Ways To Help Your Child Say Good-bye To Diapers, by Elizabeth Pantley

Just the title itself made me breathe a huge sigh of relief! Words like “Gentle” and “No-Cry” empowered me to view potty training as a positive, growing experience vs. an all-out battle (as I’ve heard it can be). This book is full of practical advice on determining when your child is both emotionally and physical ready , and explains why both matter. It also provided me with a deeper understanding of the process of potty training – what might be going through my child’s head, what’s normal and what’s worth stressing about!

No matter when and how you decide to start, knowledge is going to be your greatest advocate in successful potty training! Don’t go it alone – have these thoughtful experts by your side and you’ll be ready for whatever comes.