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Ever since I did a Balloon wreath for my son’s first birthday party I’ve been obsessed with making more wreaths. I know the fabric wreath has been making its way around the internet world; so you might have seen it before. But it’s such an easy, inexpensive, cute decoration that you just have to make!

Here’s what you need to make a Halloween Fabric Wreath:

  • Halloween Fabric (Be creative, you can get polka dots, stripes, characters anything that resembles Halloween)
  • Rotary tool or scissors
  • Rotary mat
  • Wire wreath
  • Wooden pumpkin or Halloween decorations
  • Wire
  • Drill
  • Paintbrush and paint

A few side notes: I would highly recommend a rotary tool. I got mine at the fabric store and it was on sale for $3.50! They are SO much easier to use then scissors. Also, remember that if you do get a rotary tool you’ll need a rotary mat or something similar to cut on. You can find the wire wreaths at any craft store, such as Michael’s or AC Moore Crafts. Mine is a 14 inch wreath but they have different sizes that you can chose from.

1. Cut up your fabric. I did about 6 x 1.5 inches. However, I would recommend a little shorter like 5 x 1 inches. I decided to go with the “who cares” route and made them all slightly different in sizes. Just a heads up; you’ll need a lot of these little buggers!

2. Once you have your fabric cut; start tying them around the wire frame. You can space out the ties or push them together for a more “full” wreath.

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3. Keep going and going and going and going. :)

You get the point right? It’s really your own decision how full you would like to make your wreath. If you are wanting a smaller wreath then I would suggest doing two rows. But if you are looking for a more full wreath I would suggest doing all 4 rows. You can see the difference in “fullness” below.


I’m not going to lie. It’s a little time consuming but you’ll get in the groove and your mind will be off thinking about something else and the next thing you know ….. Bam!



4. Your finished! You can leave it how it is or do what I did and trim it up! I went around and trimmed the entire wreath. I thought the ties were a little too long for my liking which is why I recommended going shorter in #1. But if you go too small it’s a lot harder to tie them around the wire wreath so trimming worked out great for me.

5. And lastly, attach anything you wish on to the wreath. I used wire and drilled two holes in this pumpkin that I found at Michaels after I painted it orange to make it stay on the wreath. I just wrapped the wire around the wreath and twisted it.


You can do these types of wreaths for all occasions! A Thanksgiving one would be so cute with a little Turkey or Welcome sign on the front! The possibilities are endless, so get creative and have fun!

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