As your child grows and becomes more mobile you will probably realize that it becomes more and more difficult to keep the house clean and in order. Some parents are ok with this.  However, it might actually drive some mothers crazy!
I am one of those mothers.  Even though I have a child I still want my house to be somewhat neat and clean. Let’s face it.  The dishes still need to be done and the laundry still needs to be folded!

The question for many parents becomes…..when do I find the time to do everything that needs to be done?  Well, there are answers to this question that many new moms may have never thought about.  It simply takes a little bit of planning and a lot of mult-tasking.

The first thing that new moms need to do is realize that Rome was not built in one day.  Therefore, you may not be able to get to every chore on your list each day.  Remember that this is alright.  Take some time and break your chores down into smaller components.  What must be done on Tuesday?  What can wait until Thursday?  Once you are able to break your goals down into smaller and more achievable goals, they become easier to reach. You will also find yourself more relaxed about what you need to accomplish.

Now, find time to complete what is on your list for the day.  As your child begins feeding himself you will find that you actually have more time.  So, if your little bundle of joy is enjoying a snack in his or her high chair, now is your chance to wash up the dinner dishes.  You may even have time to swap the laundry.  The same thing applies when your child is entertaining himself or herself.  Yes, you do need to spend time with your child communicating and bonding.  However, you do not need to be clued to your child’s hip all day long.  He or she does need to learn to use his or her imagination.

Therefore, take that time to sort the clean laundry or to put the dishes away.  Most of the time these chores only take a few moments and your child does not need you at that time anyways.

Finally, many new parents may find that their toddlers really want to help you and explore what you are doing.  Therefore, ask your child to help you carry the clean clothes to their room.  Show them where they go.  You will find that you are able to get a lot accomplished with your child at your side.  He or she is also learning to be helpful and responsible.

As you can see, getting your chores done can be easy, even when you do have a toddler.  Parents simply need to learn to multi-task and utilize the time that they have in a positive way.