It all started out so simply, I had one email address, one login, life was easy. Then came a writing gig where I needed to respond from another address and then an editing gig where I had a third. Soon I had so many logins and email accounts they spiraled out of control.

“Are you getting my emails?”
“Yes, it’s just a pain to answer from my phone so I save them and then never log back into the account.”
“Yes, I got the memo.”
“I’ll answer as soon as I get home.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

Here’s a quick, visual tutorial on using Gmail to manage multiple Gmail accounts. You can use this same method to handle other email accounts as well, but setting up the forwarding process may differ slightly.

From your Gmail inbox select the settings icon in the upper right corner.
Now select Mail Settings from the icon’s dropdown.


Click Accounts and Import.Click Add Email Address

Now in the popup box add the email address, which you must have access to, in the text box.

Choose whether you want to reply to the email with an “alias” meaning it will appear as though the email were sent from the email address you are now receiving in your gmail inbox or if you would prefer to respond to it from your gmail account. I have chosen to make it appear as though I am responding from the same email as it was sent to avoid confusion on the recipient’s behalf.

Click Next Step.

Gmail will now send a confirmation email to your second account. Log in to your account and click the confirmation link and paste the code into the confirmation box.

You aren’t done yet. Now log back into your second account and select the settings icon as in the first step and again click mail settings.

This time click Fowarding and POP/IMAP.

Finally click the radio button for forwarding, ensure your gmail address is correct and select how you want to handle the forwarded mail in your secondary account. You can choose to mark it read, archive it, keep it as new, etc.

Now enjoy the flexibility of responding to multiple email accounts from one inbox with no confusion for the recipient.