I was recently given the opportunity to try a very interesting product from John Masters Organics. The jar of Shine On says that the product is “a natural, leave-in hair treatment that uses organic kelp in place of synthetic silicone. It smoothes the hair shaft, resulting in supernatural shine & softness, all day long. Apply liberally to wet or dry hair. Style as desired.”

So let’s break this down a little. First, let’s talk about organic kelp. Not too sure what it is but the alternative sounds gross so maybe I really need organic kelp. Because synthetic silicone? I put that in my hair and it absorbs into my scalp? Yuck! I actually read through the entire list of ingredients of a hair product. Go me! Not only did I read it but I understood absolutely everything. Not sure I remember the last time that happened.

The fact is I care a little more about the ingredients of the food that I am putting in my body rather than something like my hair care. Until now.

Shine On has ingredients like aloe vera leaf juice, olive oil, chamomile and more in it. But I think that I am really gaining a better understanding of the science behind the product rather than it being just another label on an already crowded shelf.  I like that! In fact, here are the key ingredients listed from the website:

Organic Sea Kelp: shines and softens hair

Marine Phytoplankton: enables the hair shaft to retain moisture

Fagus Sylvatica Extract: enhances natural keratin for stronger hair

Carrot Seed Oil: phenomenal moisturizer; high in carotene and vitamin A

Calendula Extract: a wonderful antibacterial for the scalp

Next the directions. These are directions that even the busiest, most stressed person I know will love. Apply liberally (woo hoo!) to wet or dry hair. You can use Shine On any time. Plus, the part that really makes me happy is that YOU CAN APPLY IT LIBERALLY!! I have some serious product application issues. I always have.

For instance, I wear Bare Minerals make up (I love it by the way and would welcome any opportunity to review anything by them in case that anyone is reading). However in the application of this makeup, it is pretty often that I find myself in the predicament of needing a “do-over.”

I very often need “do-over’s” with my hair care products as well. I have very thick hair that I literally need to get thinned every few months. Yeah, I know it’s tough. But what happens is that this hair is hot and heavy and not in a good way either.  I wear it up the majority of the time and then I wear it down when it starts to feel too heavy. Did I also mention that it is pretty wavy borderline curly and is all over the place?

So back to why this is good. On a good day when I use things like gel or pomade or any of those other fancy names that have for that “stuff,” I end up looking like Cameron Diaz in ‘There’s Something About Mary.’ It never works out right for me. Too much of something and my hair feels kinda crunchy.

Shine On can be applied liberally and no one will make fun of you. It makes your hair very shiny no matter how much you put in there. This stuff really made my hair look shiny and healthy. I loved it. In fact other people noticed how shiny my hair looked. The shine lasted for days until my next hair wash.

Go get your shine on with a little Shine On from John Masters Organics. This product comes in a four ounce glass jar that costs about $30.

Stacie Haight Connerty, is the mother of three children, lives in Atlanta plus is a nationally published writer/author/editor for a variety of magazines, blogs and online publications. She just recently launched her own blog called The Divine Miss Mommy where you can find the latest products reviewed, fabulous giveaways and stories about her family.

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Photo is courtesy of the John Masters Organics website.