Five Kid-Free Valentine's Day Getaway Ideas via

If you have a babysitter or family who can watch your children for Valentine’s Day (P.S. I loathe you), it can be a great time to have a romantic kid-free getaway.

You don’t need lots of cash, or even need to take time off, to enjoy a quick getaway to reconnect with your spouse or significant other. There are plenty of ways to just get away from it all and find some couples-only romance.

Check into a local hotel

Most probably have some sort of Valentine’s Day or romance package, and you don’t even need the expense or time-consuming nuisance of leaving town. Simply getting a romantic room, even for one night, to gaze into one another’s eyes can feel like a great getaway. Look for packages that include chocolate-covered strawberries and Champagne, or perhaps a fine gourmet meal. Bed and breakfasts are also a great and cozy choice for couples.

Embrace the weather

One thing going against Valentine’s Day is the weather, as it falls right in one of the coldest and snowiest months of the year (depending on where you live). That shouldn’t stop romance! Hit your nearest resort for some fun skiing, or find a nearby luxury spa to warm your bodies and your spirits.

Don’t be limited by the calendar

Another issue with Valentine’s Day and travel is the fact that few employers consider it a holiday. So just mold the calendar to suit your needs. Take your Valentine’s Day getaway the weekend before or after, instead of the day it hits (inconveniently on a Wednesday this year).

Focus on relaxation

As parents, we pretty much have to be on 24/7. It’s exhausting. If you have even a single day kid-free, maybe focusing on chillaxing is the best bet. Find a day spa or a hotel with a spa and get a couples massage, along with time spent in the spa pools and hot tubs. Stay at a bed and breakfast and turn off all the iPhones and tablets and TVs.

Getaway at home

If all else fails, turn your home (or your sweetheart’s home) into a getaway destination. Something as simple as a candlelit dinner made at home with some fine wine, followed by an indulgent dessert, can make home feel romantic and exotic. Pair that with some rose petals sprinkled about, or an amazing floral centerpiece, or some romantic music and the stage is set for a Valentine’s Day getaway without going anywhere. If you have children, drop them off with a babysitter and you’ll surely feel like being at home is a romantic getaway.