Weight WatchersFor the second year in a row, Weight Watchers has launched its “Lose for Good” campaign to help fight hunger through its membership weight loss program.

In a recent study in the Journal of Consumer research, Weight Watchers was noted to be one of the most successful programs for weight loss because of its combination of nutrition advice and behavioral change. Members (more than 1.5 million world wide), are attracted to the support meetings for spirituality and therapy. Another study from the University of Missouri noted that the combination of diet and support at Weight Watchers helped participants lose more weight because they were better able to stick with the program.

In the “Lose for Good” Campaign, Weight Watchers will donate up to $1 million to one of two charities for pounds lost between August 30 and October 1, 2009.

Share our Strength is a national organization fighting hunger among US children. More than 12.4 million children are at risk of hunger due to limited access to nutrition foods. Children who do not eat properly are more likely to suffer poor health, fatigue, illness and hospitalization, behavioral difficulties and poor performance at school.

Action Against Hunger delivers programs to 40 international countries in Africa, South America and Asia, specializing in emergency situations such as war, conflict and natural disasters. Their mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger and preventing malnutrition. Action Against Hunger is a member of the ACF International Network.

Weight Watchers provides both in-person local meetings and an option for online subscribers.

Photo Credit:  Weight Watchers Twinkies by slgckgc on www.flickr.com

Denise Reynolds, RD LDN is a Registered Dietitian in the Carolinas, and mom to 2 girls, ages 6 and 3.  She has no affiliation with Weight Watchers, but has successfully used the program to lose 15 pounds (so far).