oven-roasted-salmon.jpgThis compilation of 24 easy-to make recipes, subtitled “24 Delicious, Nutritious Recipes from Home for the New Cook!“, has a unique format: Eachrecipe has its own large, round, laminated recipe card with the recipe on one sideand a beautiful picture of the completed dish on the other.

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The collection comes in a box the size of a small pizza, which is designed to look like a typical American pizzeria’s take-out box. The creativity and surprise of the collections design is part of its appeal, but just as much thought appears to have gone into the recipes themselves.

honey-roast-chicken.jpgThey are designed for beginning cooks with not much time on their hands. As one of the cards explains, the collection is intended for a use in young person’s first house or apartment.—“It’s hard to celebrate your independence when your stomach is growling. What will you do? Mom’s no longer around to whip up your favorite meal.”

The authors, “Mama Iris” and “Mama Lynn,” wrote this “book” because their grown children kept calling for cooking guidance.

A good deal of thought was clearly given to nutrition; the recipes are evenly mixed between vegetarian, meat and fish dishes and between main courses and side options.  This attention to detail extends also to the ingredients lists, which are geared towards inexpensive items that can be grabbed off of supermarket shelves. “Can” is the most common unit of measurement in these recipes.

The only thing we didn’t like about this product is that the recipe disks are not attached to each other in any way, although some cooks might prefer to work from just one single card sitting on their kitchen counter.

main-left-banner.gifThis charming pseudo-book would make an excellent present for a recent college graduate or anyone striking out on their own for the first time—pairing it with a small collection of pots and pans or cooking utensils. would make it an even better present. The first reaction of anyone looking through these recipes would likely be, “Hey, I could make that!” followed by, “That looks delicious!” 

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