Marketers Who Get Blogger OutreachSo there is yet another list of top mom bloggers. Yes, another. Cue exasperated sigh. I am on this list so believe me when I say this isn’t about sour grapes. In fact, the list itself looks pretty sound (although I have a hunch it is culled from Twitter lists or perhaps Klout rankings). It’s always fun to be on a top list, whether it has any validity or not. It makes me feel fancy. The problem? This particular list is at the end of a post that recommends using some of the most reviled blogger outreach tactics around, such as blogging for contest entries or blogging for freebies. Christine summed it up nicely.

This isn’t the first time someone who doesn’t know the space will pull this stunt as link bait, and it certainly won’t be the last. It struck me, however, that as many times as marketers have made mom blogger lists I don’t recall a blogger making a list of top marketers and PR people who get it when it comes to blogger outreach. I know so many who do get it and who are brilliant, and I always hate seeing the industry embarrassed by people who should not be advising on these topics.

The PR people, marketers and social media managers who get it understand some basic fundamentals about blogger outreach: it is about relationships and respect. And respect means paying someone for work. It’s as simple as that. I’ve said this somanytimes.

This is an intentionally very short list of people I have had lengthy conversations with about the space, and I know they understand it. They live it and practice it from day to day. I know so many other people who  get it. I knew the longer this list got the more likely it is to be attacked (and for the people on the list to be attacked).

I thought about making one of those crazy, controversial top X lists, but what I want this post to do is spark a conversation about the good marketers out there. This should be the beginning of a crowd sourced list among bloggers.

I will get the ball rolling. Here are two people who totally get the space, they build relationships with bloggers and they respect bloggers.

Caitlin Madden

Caitlin Madden


Social Media Manager for Mabel’s Labels

Why? I have known Cait for years, and she was embedding herself in the blogging space before many marketers even bothered to pitch them. She put a small Canadian-based business on the global map with recognition in prestigious publications like Forbes.

David Griner

 David Griner


Digital Content Director for Luckie & Co. and Contributing Editor at AdFreak

Why? I have known David longer than I have known Twitter, and we actually worked together IRL before I quit my day job to be a business woman. We have talked about blogging and social media many times. He was one of the first agency men I remember regularly seeing at mom blog conferences and who was welcomed, and many bloggers have gotten to know him over the years. He has been defending mom bloggers – for years.

Now, your turn bloggers.

Let’s give these marketers who GET it the recognition they deserve once and for all. Perhaps brands will pay attention, and hire them as firm representation or social media managers. I certainly haven’t worked with everyone in PR and advertising or brand marketing director, PR manager or social media director.

UPDATE: I am closing the linky simply because there were too many self-submissions that I had to delete (none are remaining on the list right now, to be clear, but the linky was confusing). Please continue to use the comments section to add marketers you would recommend who understand blogger outreach, and why. If you have written a post, please add that in the comments. The same rules still apply… Bloggers should be doing the recommending, and recommending marketers who they feel get it. The marketers should be people, not companies.

I would love to shine a light on the positive people who work so hard and do understand the space.

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