Meet the Sponsors – Type-A West

We’re just days away from Type-A West in beautiful Santa Fe and wanted to take some time to introduce you to our amazing sponsors. These are the people who make it possible to have such fabulous events and keep ticket costs affordable for our attendees. Please be sure to show them your appreciation!






ShareASale is host to over 4,000 Merchant programs who are looking to partner with content publishers just like you!  Not only will we help you find valuable and relevant partnerships, but ShareASale can provide all the necessary tools and best practices that will elevate your blog or website so that you can generate revenue. We can also sit down with you at the conference, walking you through our reports from within your account so that you can discover new ways to optimize your site.  Schedule a 1:1 blog consultation today!

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Find ShareASale at our Meet & Greet and in our expo in Booth J. 



Luma is the first intelligent WiFi system that brings speed, security and control to your home network.  Luma’s Surround WiFi system covers every inch of your home in reliable, fast internet so you can forget about buffering and dead zones.  What’s more, Luma’s enterprise-grade cyber security protects your network from hackers and viruses–so you and your family are always safe.  And lastly, Luma provides next-generation content controls to ensure your children can only access appropriate websites.  Learn more about Luma Surround WiFi.

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Find Luma at our Meet & Greet and in Booth G in the Expo.



Monsanto is committed to bringing farmers a broad range of solutions to help nourish our growing world. They produce seeds for fruits, vegetables and key crops – such as corn, soybeans and cotton – that help farmers have better harvests while using water and other important resources more efficiently.  In between sessions, go beyond the grocery aisle by visiting Monsanto’s hospitality suite in Zia A to enjoy a refreshing treat and ask local farmers everything you want to know about how your food is grown. Learn more here! #FarmtoPlate

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Find Monsanto at our Meet & Greet and in their Suite in Zia A



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Flipboard gives people a single place to follow all of their interests. People use Flipboard to enjoy their favorite sources from around the world and then save stories, images, and videos into their own Flipboard magazines—sharing items that reflect their interests, express their perspectives, or are simply things they want to read later. Download Flipboard for free in any app store or visit Flipboard on the web.

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Find Flipboard at our Meet & Greet and in their Suite in Zia B


We believe we can improve lives – one real product at a time. Every product we make has a short list of REAL ingredients and also works. From our locally mined Real Salt to our Redmond Clay of 1000 uses, Redmond products are simple, clean, real and effective. We love what we do and our work is our play. We encourage everyone to find their voice, sing their song and live their journey!

Real Salt:

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Redmond Clay:

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Find Redmond at the Meet & Greet and in the Expo at Booth E.




FeedBlitz is the only all-in-one service combining email marketing, social media, and RSS feed management.

FeedBlitz’s set and forget email service takes the pain out of email marketing and newsletter updates. Automatically create mailings from any RSS feed, easily manage multiple mailing lists, filter by content preferences, and more. Create newsletters, autoresponders and integrate your social content. Learn more about Feedblitz.

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Find FeedBlitz at our Meet & Greet and in Booth A in the Expo.




Diono combines safety, convenience & style!

Diono is the ideal solution for today’s “on the go” family, with state-of-the-art product designs that combine safety and convenience so that every family excursion can be the enjoyable experience it was meant to be. Today, we have more than 100 product offerings available in 54 countries with offices in the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong and China. Diono continues to answer families’ everyday needs with car seats, storage solutions, and related travel and stroller accessories that have earned the trust and respect of parents around the globe. We look to the future with imagination, ingenuity and a solid commitment to providing you, our valued customer, with the quality and convenience you’ve come to expect from each and every Diono product.

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Find Diono at our Meet & Greet and in the Expo at Booth C.


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Businessese helps you manage the business of your blog. We have DIY legal templates created especially for bloggers. We also created the PRICE™ Method to help you create pricing as unique as your content. Join Jamie and Danielle for their keynote on Saturday morning to learn more about the PRICE™ Method and how to better negotiate to get your price.

Tired of using analog lawyers in a digital world? Hashtag Legal is a law firm serving bloggers, influencer networks, small businesses, and creatives. From contract negotiation to FTC issues to drafting website policies, we can help. Get lawyers who understand your digital business.

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Hashtag Legal: 

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Find Businessese/Hashtag Legal at our Meet & Greet and in the Expo at Booth D.


smartypantsFounded in 2010, SmartyPants vitamins is all about simplifying health, without sacrificing quality or deliciousness. Since its inception, SmartyPants has led the industry in making premium ingredient choices, wrapped in a tasty gummy, with a commitment to doing things differently. At SmartyPants, we believe that you shouldn’t have to be wealthy to afford premium ingredients from a source you trust.  Created by concerned parents and leading health practitioners, SmartyPants is committed to not using synthetic colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. All SmartyPants products are non-GMO and third party lab tested.  For every bottle of SmartyPants sold, the company makes a 1•for•1 matching nutrient grant to a child in need through its partnership with Vitamin Angels, having made almost 2 million matches to date. The Good Gummy: Good ingredients. Good Taste. Good Works.

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Find Smartypants Vitamins at the Meet & Greet and in Booth H in the Expo.



City Dads Group is a dynamic and diverse community of fathers redefining, by example, what it means to be a dad in the 21st century. Our national network has more than 6,000 members based in 23 major metropolitan U.S. cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Francisco. Learn more at City Dads Group.
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Meet City Dads Group at our Heroes and Villains Closing Party


Collective Bias logo

Collective Bias’ innovative Shopper Social Media™ platform connects authentic, real-life influencer content with key audiences to impact results at a particular retailer. At the forefront of influencer marketing and measurement, Collective Bias’ proprietary data and technology enables influencer selection and management, resulting in campaigns that drive true engagement and impact sales for leading brands across multiple verticals.

Social Fabric® is Collective Bias’ hand-selected community of over 7,000 shopping-focused influencers.Learn more at Collective Bias.

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Find Collective Bias at our Meet & Greet. 


Clarisonic invented sonic skin cleansing in 2004 and today has sold over 15 million of its patented —and much loved—devices that help to reveal healthy, younger-looking skin. Available in over 50 countries around the world, Clarisonic’s mission is to beautifully transform skin and it does that by cleansing skin 6x better than hands alone. Gentle enough for twice-a-day use, Clarisonic devices are the #1 most recommended skin cleansing devices by US dermatologists. Clarisonic’s award-winning products are distributed through dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, spas, prestige retailers and online at Clarisonic.com. Clarisonic is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA and is part of the L’Oreal Group.

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Receive product provided by Clarisonic at registration.


Schick Intuition put the shave cream right on the razor! It’s the only razor that lathers and moisturizes during shaving in one easy step, making your life simpler and saving you time so you can go back to being an awesome mom!

It’s the simplest way to achieve smooth, beautiful legs!

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Receive product provided by Schick Intuition at registration.




Made in the USA for over thirty years, Udderly Smooth® products contain rich moisturizing ingredients. Not your average moisturizing lotion- Udderly Smooth® can be used on Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, forDiabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, as a General Moisturizing Lotion and many other uses.

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Receive product from Udderly Smooth at registration. 

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