I have decided that I want to speak up about head lice and I am doing it here. I hope that moms will listen.

I can only speak about the things I know that are true, things I have seen with my own eyes. Those things I have done for my children and myself when it comes to dealing with and getting rid of head lice. It seems that many people at least those around me here, think that it may be better to not talk about the subject, when actually much may be possible to stop further infestations if only someone would speak up about it.

Believe me it is much better to warn your family and friends away from you, your children and your home if you are experiencing a case of lice and nits. In my opinion, lice deserve the same type of warning to others, as you would give them if you were a leper.

Why do I say this? Well, by not giving a warning to others to stay away while you take care of the problem, you are only “knowingly” causing them problems and what kind of friend would that make you? In my opinion, it makes you a very bad friend; especially considering just a few words would make a big difference.

Honestly, after so many years of walking unsuspectingly into a home with an infestation and never being alerted to the fact is a big nasty cesspool. By not speaking up, you may be hiding your secret for a very short time. Nevertheless, you risk the feelings others have about you when you do not let them in on this terrible secret.

Lice do not mean you are nasty, but not sharing this information with those who care about you and visit you is a true shame, one that deserves to be shamed. Getting rid of lice takes time and effort, but what about the relationships you have built with others? What does it really say about someone who knowingly lets others become invested, when all it would take to stop it is just a few words of warning.

Believe me; you are more apt to have friends want to visit if you are honest with them, especially when it is something that seems to happen all the time. If you do not speak up about it when you should you risk having any friends at all. Why, because by keeping your mouth shut about this subject you are lying to your family and friends. Not many people care much for being lied too or having such information left unsaid. Care about those who are not in your household, care enough about your friends to give them a warning.

© 2010 Sara Valor