mothers day gift guideWith Mother’s Day approaching quickly, many people are scrambling for ideas of what to get for the moms in their lives for Mother’s Day. Mommy bloggers, in particular, are using their influence to help other moms get what they want on one of the most special days of the year. They are partnering with businesses, reviewing products that might make the perfect gift, or are searching the internet on their own to come up with the best ideas for their readers.

What is in a Gift Guide

Both solo blog sites and larger mom networks are jumping on the bandwagon to produce these helpful shopping aids for their readers. Many — like here at Type-A Mom and at another site where I am the community manager, Momfluence — are working with businesses to provide full reviews of the products included in their guides. This first-hand information from moms who have actually tested out the products is invaluable to those who are looking for the right gift.

By reading the reviews, Mother’s Day gift shoppers can gauge whether the pros and cons of a product will make them a good fit for the mom that they are shopping for. They can then click the links within the reviews, to be directed to a website where they can purchase the products. These guides can make shopping a fast and easy experience, without the need to fight the mall crowds.

Influence of Mom Bloggers

Mother’s Day gift guides are just another example of how the influence of mom bloggers is coming into play. A recent study released by BlogHer shows just how large the blogosphere has become, with women and mom bloggers paving the way. Their Women and Social Media study shows that of women who engage in social media activity on a weekly basis, over 22 million of them are reading blogs. Of these women, more than half are moms and 64 percent are reading to get information.

Where To Find Gift Guides

A simple web search of Mother’s Day Gift Guides will bring up a plethora of websites offering their suggestions for what Moms want and need this Mother’s Day, but here are some favorites:

Shannan Powell is the Community Manager for MomfluenceBirth Editor at Type-A Mom, and blogs at From Cribs to Car Keys.

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