Everything who wants?
The new iPad continues to have issues, this time with wi-fi connectivity, and Apple is responding by telling vendors to immediately ship those units back to the company. Since one news story isn’t enough for the week, Apple has issued a second patch for a major security breach and has asked an appeals court to block the sales of Samsung products, including the Samsung Galaxy, in the continuing story of its lawsuit alleging that Samsung has copied the design of Apple products. The decision could weigh heavily on Samsung, whose first quarter earnings were higher than expected, based primarily on sales of its smartphones and tablets.

In other news:
In a cautionary tale for those concerned about internet privacy, an app called Girls Around Me is pulling data from a variety of social media applications and compiling them, along with a location, and allows users to contact the women in their area.

The manufacturing world comes up big for women fashionistas, with a 3D printer that could give at-home shoppers the ability to choose, design and create their own shoes (or other accessories).

The New York Auto Show has opened to the public, and cars from familiar names like Volkswagon and Nissan are integrating technology in a big way to reduce fuel costs.

And if you’re a user of social media and the internet, you may not be driving as much as your non-‘-net-connected peers.

And there’s your weekly round-up! Check back in next Friday to see what’s caught our eye.

Creative Commons License photo credit: jronaldlee