Unless you’re crawling out from under a rock, you may have heard that Facebook made a public stock offering this week, making instant millionaires out of many of its employees. The news has triggered a flurry of articles, speculating on everything from what this means for other start-ups in 2012 to whether or not charities will see a benefit. Personally, I’d like to see some of that wealth spread my way, but Mark Zuckerberg won’t accept my friend requests…

In other news:

• Your precious children may not be buckled up properly when they ride with other parents.

• Your New Year’s resolution got a boost this week, as experts say it doesn’t matter what your protein/fat/carb ratio is, as long as you watch the calories… which means it’s perfectly acceptable to have dessert (but probably not much else for the rest of the day).

• While the web-savvy consumer has been aware of this problem for quite a while now, the media seems to have just noticed that not all web reviews are legitimate. Luckily, people without common sense now have a checklist to help them decide if a review is on the up and up.

• A major recall of birth control pills has been initiated, and guidelines have been released for those women who have been taking the pills.

• As those of us with pin-happy index fingers knows, Pinterest is driving traffic to websites across the ‘net, beating out every social site out there except for Facebook and Twitter. With Pinterest’s crazy growth, Facebook should be watching in its rearview mirror.

And there’s your weekly round-up! Check back in next Friday to see what’s caught our eye.

Photo by Steven Goodwin, stock.xchng