Bleeding heart
Facebook has now made it possible to share your status as an organ donor, bringing awareness to the need for organ donation. While the power of Facebook has already inspired potential donors to declare their intentions, Mark Zuckerberg declared that it was his girlfriend who inspired him to lead the initiative. (In other news, Mark Zuckerberg has a girlfriend.)

In other news:

Blogging baby Avery has passed away. I wish she had had enough time for everything on her sweet little bucket list. Rest in peace.

Microsoft rebrands and reimagines its cloud service, killing off Windows Live.

Apple may not be on board, but consumers evidently are ready to purchase an iPad mini. Then again, a smaller tablet may be even easier to forget at the airport, which evidently happens more often than you might think.

In other travel news, Spirit Airlines has a plan for offsetting rising fuel costs – charging up to $100 for carry on bags.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Pierre Willemin