The biggest news for parents this week is that Infant Tylenol – ALL Infant Tylenol – has been recalled by Johnson & Johnson. The company has been attempting to eliminate potential dosing errors with a packaging redesign. Unfortunately, the latest effort wasn’t successful and the company is taking the “better safe than sorry” approach. Personally, I’m happy to see Johnson & Johnson taking proactive measures even if, in their own words, the chances of an overdose are “remote”.

In other news:

• Zynga is going to open its system to other developers, which may mean less reliance on Facebook as a delivery system.

• Google is in hot water with the FTC after tracking users through Safari.

• Smartphones are lessening dependence on Braille for blind individuals, raising an argument about illiteracy.

• West Virginia is one of only four states without protection for breastfeeding mothers and also has one of the lowest rates of breastfed babies. Coincidence? I think not.

And there’s your weekly round-up! Check back in next Friday to see what’s caught our eye.

Photo via Steve Clayton,