Ahhh summer. School’s out, barbecues lit, lightning bugs aglow. And my pale, transparent, stretch marked skin is exposed for all to see at the community swimming pool. Before I had my son I swore upside down and sideways that I would never, ever wear a skirted swimsuit. They reminded me of my great aunts at family reunions and, while classy ladies indeed, they are over the age of sixty and, well, I’m not. Admittedly, I am singing along to a different tune and yes, I’m donning the skirted swim suit. But I’m totally pulling it off and so can you! skirtedswim.png

My absolute favorite swimsuits (I’ve got four of them) are the Beach Living Separates by Lands End. I’m short-waisted and broad-shouldered so for me, their halter style tops and Supplex SwimMinis are flattering on my shape. Total cost? $101.00.

On a budget? Try checking out Land’s Ends’ Clearance section at your local Sears or online for deeply discounted swimsuits.

Avon offers a trend-setting skirted swim suit for about half the price of the Land’s End Beach Living Collection. With subtle but stylish greens and browns, this 2-piece halter skirted swim suit gives you great coverage with classic lines. Plus, with Reese Witherspoon as Avon’s new spokeswoman, you can’t go wrong with this brand. Total cost? $49.99

At this price you can buy two and keep one as a spare.

Looking for a skirted swim suit with a little more va-va-vavoom but aren’t quite ready to rock the bikini? Try J. Crew’s Solid Halter Tank Dress . This cute little 1-piece gives an updated look in classy colors like navy, black, chocolate, and kelly green. Total Cost? $80.00

This timeless swim suit is worth the investment as J. Crew is known for its well-made garments.

While I don’t think I’ll be sporting a bikini anytime soon (or in this lifetime) I still like to feel comfortable when I am at the pool. With a preschooler in tow, I don’t have time to pull on and off shorts every time he runs in a different direction. A skirted swim suit allows me feel stylish and I don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious.