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Westin, Old Town Alexandria
October 5-7
It's time to graduate from blogger to CEO of your own new media empire.
TYPE-A DC 2017

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Lock down your pass or expo space at our 34th conference for influencers and marketers – and a celebration of our 10-year anniversary. THIS is the must-attend event of the year for bloggers and marketers. Type-A Parent, founded in 2007, is one of the original conferences and communities for influencers and marketers.

Blogger VIP
Invitation to pre-conference VIP, Speaker and Sponsor Reception
Full day of VIP-only Sessions
Everything that comes with the standard blogger pass
Blogger Pass
Dozens of top-notch sessions and keynotes
Two days of expo plus our Brand to Blogger Meet & Greet event to connect with companies
Killer parties to network with blogger and brand friends (old and about-to-be-new)
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Type-A DC Agenda

NOTE: This agenda is in draft form, and we are still finalizing a number of speakers as well as additional sessions. A VIP pass is required to attend the VIP party as well as the full day of VIP sessions and meals Thursday. Non-VIP passholders can attend starting with the Thursday afternoon Brand to Blogger Meet & Greet. We've also added a FREE half-day Beginning Blogger Bootcamp Thursday afternoon (separate signup required).
Day 1
Oct 04 2017
Day 2
Oct 05 2017

The Importance of Evolution as Business Owner and Brand

Building a successful business takes more than a solid business plan, it takes knowing when to pivot and the ability to identify opportunities, trends and new goals.  Maria Bailey, CEO of BSM Media, will share lessons learned during her 20-year journey building a multi-million-dollar internationally-known company while raising four children.

Using Pinterest as a Sales Funnel

You’ve heard people in your Facebook groups talking about how awesome Pinterest is for building their email lists and driving sales. You’ve read the blog posts giving you all “my personal secrets” to lead generation but you can’t quite figure out how to make this work for your business or blog. In this interactive Pinterest learning session, social media productivity coach Penney Fox of will take you through the steps to use Pinterest to get targeted customers into your sales funnel. Join her for this interactive Pinterest workshop and get the steps you’ve been missing to get more people to click from your Pinterest pins into your sales funnel.

SEO, Monetization and Live Site Reviews

Wondering why you don’t rank in the search engines as well as you should? Maybe your content isn’t generating enough revenue through affiliate advertisements. This session, led by longtime SEO and online marketing expert Adam Riemer, will help you to find the issues and come up with new ideas to grow your blog and make more money in a constructive format. Even if you don’t want to submit your site for live review, you can learn by watching as Adam critiques and provides suggestions real-time during his VIP session.
Adam Riemer

Get Off My Internet Lawn! How to Fiercely Guard Your Digital Property Line

You work hard tending to your site for years and watching it grow, then one day someone comes and pisses all over it. What? Oh, hell no. This session will cover the crucial intellectual property basics every business owner needs to understand about trademark and copyright. Know your rights for both, and find out when it’s time to register a trademark.
Jamie Lieberman

Free Beginning Blogger Bootcamp – SEPARATE REGISTRATION REQUIRED

The Type-A community has always embraced and welcomed new bloggers into our fold. This year, we’re adding a free beginning blogger bootcamp open to anyone with two years of blogging experience or less. Learn the core essentials to running a profitable, high quality blog from experienced Old Guard bloggers who’ve been doing it for years. REGISTRATION FREE BUT REQUIRED at

How to Use Growth Hacking to Impact Site Traffic and Grow Your Business

Growth hacking seems like one of those terms marketers invented but doesn’t have any real meaning, doesn’t it? The truth is, it is a made-up term, but its meaning can have a tremendous impact on startups, small businesses and, yes, even blogs. Maree Jones, publicity and communication specialist with Luckie & Co., will take you through growth hacking processes and offer tips so that you can grow your personal brand and your business, as well as establish your expertise and thought leadership. Bloggers and businesses alike will walk away with a better understanding of how they can “hack” their way to success.

Room in the Sandbox: How To Grow Your Business By Befriending The Competition and Other Ways to Monetize

Speakers Cris Stone, Mindy Marzec, and Jana Seitzer have been blogging cumulatively for 20+ years and know all about becoming friends with your competition – because that’s how they met. Now, they work together to improve and inspire each other and increase their profits. This session is focused on helping bloggers learn how to embrace their fellow bloggers and use those relationships to maximize their profit margins. From leveraging two-tier referrals to sharing affiliate marketing strategies to networking with companies – having a fellow blogger friend (or three!) is a powerful way to increase those profits.
Jana Seitzer

Brand to Blogger Meet and Greet – ALL PASS Portion of Conference Begins

An 8-year Type-A tradition, the Brand to Blogger Meet and greet will be a chance for bloggers and the brands sponsoring the conference to network and get to know one another. At hightop stations with a focus on networking, each brand will be there to chat and exchange business cards with influencers.

Type-A 10th Birthday Bash

Type-A turned 10 this year, so of course we’ll be using this as an excuse to Play Hard as our tagline says. This party will be a great chance for our Old Guard blogger and brand attendees to connect with our newer attendees over cocktails. We’ll have some fun blasts from the past! Want to be featured? Submit your Type-A Origin Story at
Day 3
Oct 06 2017

Expo and Sponsor Suite Grand Opening

Expo and Sponsor Suite grand opening is from 10 – 11 a.m., and remains open until 4 p.m.

Your Blog As A Media Empire

You site isn’t “just a blog.” Stop treating it that way. It’s a media empire, and you’re the CEO. In this talk, bloggers-turned-media-moguls will reveal the key components to graduating from blog to respected online outlet: treating it like a business, honing your brand message, expanding your reach and traffic, leveraging your social media presence, developing a marketing strategy, hiring employees and contractors, making the big pitches and sales, and ultimately bringing in that sweet, sweet empire-level revenue.
Allison McDonald

Ebooks and Paperbacks – Everyone can Self-Publish!

This session will be a comprehensive guide to publishing ebooks, Kindle books and paperbacks. With a background in book and magazine publishing as well as a dozen self-published paperback books and many more Kindle books, Georgina Bomer will teach attendees how to make money out of existing content by forming it into books, show authority in your niche by publishing a book, and that self-publishing paperbacks is easier than you might think!

Writing Through Real Life – Being Authentic ESPECIALLY When It’s Terrifying

Life can get in the way of putting your words to the page. Take this time to find ways to use your life experiences to help you consistently put yourself out there. Get tips from two seasoned bloggers about how to share very personal matters and causes that are often considered taboo, because talking about them helps to lessen stigma and connects you more deeply with your readers.

How to Re-Brand to Maximize your Earning Potential

This session will be led by Ari Adams, who pivoted from focusing on a coupon blog to publishing Love, Peace, & Tiny Feet, dedicated to finding peace and balance in all of the ideals, the ordeals and the real deal of life and parenthood. Ari will provide tips for bloggers who are considering rebranding, creating a new blog, or have redefined their blog niche. You will learn how to effectively rebrand in ways that will increase their earning potential and overall brand success.

Teaching Pays – Create a Predictable Income Stream by Developing an Online Course

If your readers can’t get enough of your posts and there’s plenty of engagement on social media, you’re doing a great job! Now it’s time to share your knowledge and provide a steady income stream – through an online course. This session led by Theresa Ceniccola, founder of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, will show you how to identify the best content for an online course and how to create, launch and deliver the course.

Affiliate Marketing AMA

Affiliate revenue is one of the best ways for you to monetize your site, but there isn’t a simple, cookie cutter strategy that works for every blogger. Four leaders in the industry will provide advice, tips and insight in an Ask Me Anything format. Bring your burning questions about how to crack the code to making big bucks through affiliate programs.
Greg Hoffman
Abby Schaller
Day 4
Oct 07 2017

Expo and Suite Opening Featuring Small Business, Startup and Cause Showcase

This morning’s expo opening includes a one-hour showcase of small businesses, startups and causes. The expo and suite hours are from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Keynote Panel – The Future of Influencer Marketing

So much has changed since the first annual Type-A conference in which bloggers lamenting they were only getting paid in products. Since then, it has exploded into an entire marketing industry. Still, with that growth has some some growing pains. We bring together a panel of marketers who’ve all been there since the birth of the fledgling influencer marketing industry, moderated by Jamie Lieberman of Businessese and Hashtag Legal, to discuss where we’ve been and, more importantly, what’s next.
Jamie Lieberman

Discovering the Psychology of Success

We all want a magic bullet, the answer that will take us to the next level of success. You may be grasping at outside quick-fixes that will make it all come together for you. It’s true, there are many tools you can buy and access that can help you. There’s also something much more basic, something centering on you. Once you start to recognize who you really are, you can use that knowledge to really draw from that commonality of knowledge to create a business and brand niche that is the pure essence of you.
Don Jackson

Dating A Brand – How To Make Them Swipe Right

Jenny Guy, marketing associate at Mediavine Publisher Network and an experienced brand representative, walks you through all the key steps from prep to pitch to land you the healthy relationships you need with the brands you love. Get the committed relationship, not the brand one night stand. “
Jenny Guy

Work Smarter Not Harder – Tips and Tools for Streamlining Productivity

Content may be king (queen?) but it’s easy to neglect the other aspects of your blog along the way. Don’t let this happen to you! This practical session will provide tips for beginning and intermediate bloggers looking to take their blogs to the next level and steamline their productivity. Participants will talk about your blog’s back-end, the importance of media kits, favorite tech tools to streamline work to maximize efficiency, and at what point it’s worth considering outsourcing tasks.

Closing Party and Local Meetup

The Type-A Parent annual conference closing party will also be a local blogger and marketer meetup. It’s a great chance to mingle with other digital professionals over cocktails. Feel free to invite area bloggers and marketers you know. It’s open to registered attendees and those not register, but PLEASE EVERYONE RSVP at