Pinterest Food and Recipe Boards

One of my favorite things about using Pinterest is finding amazing recipes and cooking tutorials. I know I can’t be the only one who swoons for food on Pinterest, so I decided to set up a Pinterest food board linkup.

This will allow you to find other food boards to follow, and to get more followers to your food boards.

One tip: if you click someone on here, that will take you to the board. You can just follow that board if you would like (just click “Follow” on the board), or you can follow the user. To follow the user and all of their boards, click their name at the top of the board and then click “Follow All.”

To share your Pinterest food boards, here are the instructions:

  • The link has to be to a food board, NOT your user profile. To find that link, log into Pinterest, click your name at the top right, find the food board you want to share, click on the thumbnails for that board. Where it takes you is your board’s URL.
  • Have more than one food, cooking or recipe-related board? Cool! Share them all in the linky.
  • For some reason, Pinterest coding keeps linkies from automatically pulling in a thumbnail. To have an image, you MUST choose upload instead of image from web when you get to that step. Find an image of yourself or maybe a recent pin on your board, download and upload that instead. Submit here.
  • If you are planning to blog about Pinterest food boards, feel free to embed this linky on your post! I just ask that you provide a link back to this original post in the post as well.
  • The linky images are in random order, so each time you visit the page they will resort to give everyone an equal chance to get clicks and follows.

Also be sure to see our other resources on Pinterest, including a profile linkup and beginner Pinterest tips.