Pinterest is fun, but only if you have friends and followers.

I decided to make it easier for us to all find people on Pinterest. You can follow me at Add your own profile below in the linky (which you can also post on your own site if you do a blog post about Pinterest and want to share some profiles for people to follow).

Just be sure to make the title your name on Pinterest, and the URL the deep link to your profile page (format:

Edited to add: The linky seems to have issues pulling directly from the Pinterest site for an image, so I recommend using the upload from computer option to insert a headshot of yourself. Also, I changed the settings to randomize the order each time this linky loads so everyone gets a shot at getting lots of new followers. As of less than 24 hours of publishing, there have been 850 clicks on profiles here. Amazing! If you are new to Pinterest, also be sure to check out my 5 Tips for Pinterest Beginners.