Ah, the joy of twins. Twice the love, twice the fun. Before and during potty training, twice the poop.

The main thing I have learned is that the dynamics of boy/girl twins is always unexpected. Same-sex twins are generally more predictable, as it is much more likely they will be on the same page developmentally. However, this is not to say same-sex twins won’t have differences individually just as regular siblings do.

My daughter is the more mature of the two, which many will not find surprising. She speaks better, remembers more, and shortly after the age of two was obviously ready to start training. I knew my boy was not there yet, but I wanted to get him ready, and let her be the example for him, since, as they tell me daily, “he/she’s my bestest friend.”

Generally with my twins, whatever one gets, the other gets, too, so I used up the last of the diapers and got pull-ups for them both. I then set a long, three-day weekend aside to begin. We had two potty chairs, one for each bathroom, step-stools, and potty rings. We had little girl and little boy underpants. Mama did a demo and showed the results to both.

I put my girl on the potty chair and was immediately informed that she wanted the big potty with the ring. Okay. She went, and there was fanfare to rival a ticker tape parade. Then it was my son’s turn. He could not go, and was upset, but I just reassured him when he had to go, we could try again. He was satisfied with this, but I spent the rest of the day using my portable carpet cleaner and rinsing out underpants.

My girl did fine, only one or two accidents a day for about a month, then she was golden. I had stopped with the boy after the first week, and a full set of clothes wet after one day at preschool. When she was fully there; I started again with him. He did well; preferred the little potty; and so far does not want to stand to pee (yet). However, something unexpected happened: my girl regressed; she became jealous; she began tantrums. She began to soil her underpants every bowel. This surprised me at first until I remembered: the dynamics of twins is always unexpected. Back to square one.

The take-home lesson here is one that should be familiar to parents of twins-expect the unexpected! Be prepared to spend twice as long, work twice as hard, but get twice the reward when you have full days with no accidents!