At the end of October, my youngest will be 2 years old.  As of right now, he says very few words and relies mainly on gestures and grunts to get his point across to us.

He can understand almost every work we say to him, however.  He can follow simple instructions, go find a toy we have just mentioned to him, and has an impressive understand of routines.

I plan to start actively potty training him the minute he turns two.  Now, I realize that my plan is in conflict with the current opinion on potty training.

Yes, I’ve heard all that “wait until they show an interest” line of reasoning as often as the next parent.  I thought it made a lot of sense; that is until my now 8-year-old son almost didn’t make it into pre-school because he didn’t show any “interest” in going to the toilet.  He was the complete opposite of my girls, who seemed to potty train themselves immediately upon turning 2, it was almost effortless.

About 6 weeks before my oldest son turned 4, we had a very intense potty training weekend.  There was much frustration and many tears.  Without a doubt, I don’t want to repeat this scenario with my youngest.

One of the few words my youngest can say is “pee pee.”  He can also say diaper, and points to his diaper when he needs to be changed.  He will also get a clean diaper when it’s time for a change.

We encourage him to come into the bathroom with us so he can see what goes on in the bathroom and he attends these sessions with moderate enthusiasm.  We talk about pee pee, diapers and the potty a few times a day.  It’s my hope that this preparation now will help smooth the way for the toilet training boot camp I have planned for late October / early November.

Wish me luck and expect to hear more from me in a few weeks!