We’re loading up the ol’ minivan next week and taking a road trip! I’m very excited, but also a bit anxious. I can almost guarantee that no matter how many pitstops we make, the words “I need to go potty!” will not be spoken until we are diriving through the middle of the desert, with no restroom in a hundred mile radius. That’s just how my kids roll.

To be honest, it’s not really their fault. Vacations are naturally difficult on new potty trainers for many reasons:

1 – Trainees are not “Holders.” They simply don’t have the muscle strength yet. So telling a 2-year-old to keep their legs crossed for the next 50 miles is not only impractical, it’s unfair.

2 – You have a lot more on your mind when you travel, so you might forget to make scheduled potty breaks or give the usual reminders.

3 – Less access to potties can create increased anxiety and accidents.

4 – Many toddlers struggle with new skills like potty training when their routine is shaken up.

Which is why I recommend a little preparation before you hit the road, jet off, or sail the friendly seas. Get yourself a travel potty and spend the week before your vacation letting your little one practice using it at home. Here are my favorite on-the-go potty products:


travel potty


I like to think of this one as the Rolls Royce of Travel Potties! It comes with liners (which can be carried in the little side pocket) that make disposal and cleaning a breeze. It’s sturdy, easy to use, and folds up into a handy carrying case that your kiddo will be proud to tote around!


baby bjorn


Baby Bjorn’s design on their “Little Potty” is simplistic and functional. This no-fuss potty fits perfectly under a car or plane seat to provide easy access for tiny travelers. Because there’s no assembly or parts, it can be used at a moment’s notice!


folding potty seat


Did you know you could carry a potty in your pocket? This seat folds up small and neat so you can slip it into your purse or backpack for truly adventurous travels! Not only will this help a toddler feel at home on any potty, it serves as a barrier between a gas station bathroom seat and your child’s bare skin. (Plus, they come in a variety of cute colors and familiar characters – Disney Princesses, Dora, and SpiderMan to name a few).

Include one of these options in your travel plans and you won’t have to worry when your little one has to “go” on-the-go!